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Biden THROWS Bernie Sanders Under The Bus

Biden THROWS Bernie Sanders Under The Bus

The Bernie Bros are not going to be happy.

During a recent town hall event Joe Biden made sure to distance himself from Bernie Sanders, one of his top campaign advisors, in order to alleviate voters’ suspicion of a progressive presidential agenda.

Trump has stated a Biden administration will most likely be one of the most progressive administrations America will have.

However, Biden did his best recently to basically throw Sanders and progressives under the bus. He said, “Look, I’m the guy that ran against a socialist. Remember, I got in trouble with the whole campaign, 20-something candidates? Joe Biden was too centrist, too moderate, too straightforward. That was Joe Biden.”

Biden was assuring potential voters he was not super progressive, but by tossing out Sanders, he probably hurt himself.

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  • Pedo Joe is just trying to con people into voting for him and his Ho. All with a brain knows Pedo Joe will be declared unfit ASAP. Then the Ho will be in power.

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