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Republican Traitor Goes BERSERK Over Trump

Republican Traitor Goes BERSERK Over Trump

You won’t believe what he said.

According to Breitbart News, former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci attacked President Donald Trump stating that he’s “obviously unwell.”

Scaramucci said, “Well, you don’t need to be a doctor, though, right?. If you and I are watching a football game and somebody’s leg is in the opposite direction than it should, we both know the leg is broken. You don’t have to be an orthopedic for that. So he’s obviously unwell. So the question is who’s telling him, who’s intervening, and the answer is no one. So, I mean, maybe his next job is going to be, you know, playing the king, George III in Hamilton, you know, coming out with a robe on singing. I don’t know what they’re going to do with the guy at this point.”

He continued, “Here are two things people should consider. That was a racist statement that Joe Biden is not going to last two months. I could hear the racist truck beeping as he was backing up over Joe Biden. That’s a tell to his base — that’s a tell to the Proud Boys and all the racists that he’s trying to gin up. And the second thing, and this is the thing I find so horrifying and disfiguring about him right now, is that he wants people to be hurt. He doesn’t have any caring or compassion about him, and he’s put these Secret Service people and staff members in harm’s way inside the White House. So how is he going to protect your family as an American citizen if he’s doing that to the families around him?”

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He added, “So, to me, I find the behavior disgusting. I just don’t understand why a family member that loves him — or maybe they don’t love him. I don’t know what it is — why aren’t they intervening and sort of putting him in the penalty box?” You can watch a clip of Scaramucci’s remarks here.

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  • This treasonous trader to trump sounds like he may have a heroin problem he is definitely mentally ill is he related to Nancy Pelosi

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