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Rush Limbaugh Breaks Silence On His Cancer

Rush Limbaugh Breaks Silence On His Cancer

Here’s what he said…

Radio host Rush Limbaugh has been suffering from Stage 4 lung cancer and recently updated his audience on his condition. He stated, “Your being there every day matters. I’m not the only one that’s going through hardships, challenging times. And I just refuse to act like I am the only one. And I refuse to act like the only thing you care about is what’s going on with me. I just do not have that kind of personality or attitude.”

“It can feel like a roller coaster at times that you can’t get off of. And again, I want to stress here that I know countless numbers of you are experiencing the same thing. If it isn’t lung cancer, it’s some kind of cancer. If it isn’t you, it’s somebody really close to you. If it isn’t an illness, it’s something. We’re all going through challenges. Mine are no better and mine are no different and mine are no more special than anybody else. But it can feel like a roller coaster. … We all know that we’re going to die at some point, but when you have a terminal disease diagnosis that has a time frame to it, then that puts a different psychological and even physical awareness to it.”

He concluded his statement by saying that humans only get one life and to use the days you are given to the max.

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