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Conservative Businessman Deals HEAVY Blow To Democratic Party

Conservative Businessman Deals HEAVY Blow To Democratic Party

He is making voters change their minds about Democrats.

Businessman John James recently destroyed the Democratic Party when he stated in a video, that the Democratic Party’s “business model” was to keep “black folks dependent on the government.”

James said, “Countless people have died for our right to think and to vote for ourselves. Yet, Democratic leadership asks us to outsource our voice on a straight-ticket ballot to a Godless party that neither represents our values, nor our economic best interests.”

“We’ve marched from Selma to New York, we’ve rebelled from Watts to Detroit and ain’t nothing changed in fifty years. The Democratic party leadership cares more about the black vote than the black people, and it’s time to wake up. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can have a seat at both tables, and we can elevate our people together.”

James said everything that needed to be said. The Democrats only care about votes and are brainwashing people into believing they will be helping minorities.

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Image Credit: Detroit Free Press

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