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Fox News Host CAUGHT Mocking Conservatives

Fox News Host CAUGHT Mocking Conservatives

This is the reason why Fox News is falling.

During a segment of “America’s Newsroom,” host Sandra Smith was captured making faces while a guest was speaking and was also caught on a hot mic.

Guest, Cleta Mitchell, was speaking and said, “Remember, just because CNN says or even Fox News says that somebody’s president doesn’t make them president. So I think everybody —”

Smith then blurted out, “What?!!” not knowing that she was actually being recorded as well.

Mitchell continued, “— wants to know this was done properly and legally—”

Smith then asked Trace Gallagher, “What is happening?!! Trace, we’ve called it.”

Trump has stated several times that Fox News is slowly going away from their conservative base, and this act along with others shows that he is right.

Read the full story here.

Image Credit: Yahoo News

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