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New York Governor Says THIS Is INFECTING America

New York Governor Says THIS Is INFECTING America

Here’s what he said.

According to The Daily Wire, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo stated that “abuse of power” is a virus afflicting the nation.

“COVID is not the only virus attacking us,” Cuomo said, “We are being attacked by other viruses. COVID weakened our immune system, and when your immune system is weakened, then you get attacked by other viruses.”

“And that’s what happened to America,” Cuomo continued. “We’re being attacked by multiple viruses at the same time, and we must fight them all. Because racism is a virus, and sexism is a virus, and discrimination is a virus, and injustice is a virus, and division is a virus, and distrust is a virus, and abuse of power is a virus, and hatred is a virus, and our America is better than this. Our America is strong enough to admit her mistakes and to grow from them.”

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“Our America is not a low-tide America. Our America is a high-tide America. Our America rises up and confronts that which diminishes our belief in our America’s potential and promise.” You can read the full article here.

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  • wow! just wow! If I have ever seen a case of the pot calling he kettle black this is it. Cuomo and his buddy de blassio are as close to dictators as you can come. Given a little more time they will be putting Jews and Christians in gas chambers together. Yet this crazy democrat dictator is lecturing on abuse of power? Wow. Maybe he need newsome and whitmer as co-speakers at his lectures from now on.

    Well I guess you new yorkers get what you vote for. you think your being cool and with it ans in crowd folks by voting democrat and you get to have this Bull Schiff rammed down your throats. Much like the people who elected newsome and whitmer.

    bottom line is don;t complain you voted for this crap.

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