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Biden Supporter TURNS The Tables On Democrats

Biden Supporter TURNS The Tables On Democrats

They thought he was on their side.

Comedian Bill Maher is overjoyed for Trump’s apparent loss and is in support of Biden as next president, however, he is still quick to point out the flaws in the Democratic Party.

Maher stated that the far-left extremists are pushing people away from even wanting to vote for any Democrat. He said, “Democrats were supposed to flip the Senate, and didn’t; supposed to flip state legislatures, not a one; and they lost seats in the House.”

“In a year that was so much about making people aware of racism, their share of minority votes went down. The message to Democrats from so much of the country seems to be: we don’t like Trump, but we still can’t bring ourselves to vote for you. If Cracker Jack was made of popcorn and dog sh** and half the people threw out the popcorn, popcorn should want to know why. Liberals can either write off half the country as irredeemable, or they can ask, what is it about a D next to a candidate’s name that makes it so toxic?”

“Republicans are the party of don’t wear masks, kids in cages, ‘Lock her up.’ And Democrats are the party of every hypersensitive social justice warrior woke bullsh** story in the news. They’re the party that disappears people or tries to make them apologize for ridiculous things.”

Maher has a point, but it won’t stop people from avoiding the Democrats like the plague. There will always be extremists in the Left and him talking about it won’t do a thing.

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