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Singer Deals HEAVY Blow To Trump

Singer Deals HEAVY Blow To Trump

This is what he said…

Musician and singer-songwriter Richard Marx decided to take to social media recently and voiced his opinion of Trump as well as Trump supporters.

He tweeted, “Donald Trump is s**t and his worshipers are the toilet paper.”

This has not been his first outburst about Trump. He had previously stated:

I feel this guy is a despicable piece of trash,” Marx said of President Trump (not Dahmer) in an interview with Variety. “The country will recover, even if he’s in for another four years. We will recover, but we will never be the same. He will leave a s— stain on this country for the next generation. He has no redeeming qualities.”

As for those Americans who support President Trump, “they are brainwashed,” Marx says, “especially when you point out that black unemployment is only 1% lower than it was when Obama’s term in office ended.”

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“At this point, I’d rather have Jeffrey Dahmer over Donald Trump,” the singer said.

There’s a reason why he is irrelevant now and his actions are showing everyone why.

Read the whole article here.

Image Credit: Chicago Tribune

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