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Furious CNN Host Compares Trump To WHAT?

Furious CNN Host Compares Trump To WHAT?

He just made a big mistake.

According to the Daily Caller, CNN anchor Jake Tapper attacked President Donald Trump comparing him to a venomous snake.

“President Trump has been pushing lies and conspiracy theories for years that have made life more dangerous for all kinds of Americans,” Tapper began.

“This did not just start on November 3rd,” He continued. “It turns out when a major political party coddles and enables and supports public figures who lie rapaciously and incessantly and also tolerate threats against those who challenge those lies, that storm of lies and indecency is strengthened and unleashed and it cannot be controlled. And ultimately the reason cynicism or ignorance or illness does not matter as much as that result.”

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“President Trump would often read the lyrics of a song that told the story of a tender hearted woman who finds a half-frozen snake and nurses it to health to fall victim to the snake’s predatory nature,” he explained. You can read the full article here.

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