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Pelosi Gets Dealt DEVASTATING Blow

Pelosi Gets Dealt DEVASTATING Blow

She deserved it…

During a segment on Fox News, Trey Gowdy, former South Carolina representative, attacked Nancy Pelosi for supporting a coronavirus relief bill because a Democrat would potentially be in office once January hit.

Pelosi was heard saying, “That is a total game-charger: a new president and a vaccine. It’s for a shorter period of time, but that’s OK now, because we have a new president.”

Gowdy responded to the clip of Pelosi saying, “That’s one of the dumbest and also most despicable things I have ever heard an alleged leader say, that because Joe Biden won it’s okay to do it but if Donald Trump had won.”

“What’s missing is if Paul Ryan or John Boehner had said or done what she just said there would be media outcry. What other entity has commented on what the Speaker of the House just said? Because Biden won, we will do it. But while it was Trump, we weren’t going to give him a victory. It really is so outrageous. It’s hard to get me upset, but what she just said makes me madder than hell.”

Pelosi has no qualms in showing how corrupt she is, yet there are still people willing to have her in a position of power. Something needs to be done pronto.

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