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Republican Deals DEVASTATING Blow To Democrats

Republican Deals DEVASTATING Blow To Democrats

She just left them speechless.

According to CNS News, Congresswoman-Elect Marjorie Greene slammed Democrats stating that the recently passed stimulus bill is “the biggest F you to the American people.”

Greene said, “Americans don’t go to work to fund gender programs in Pakistan, write big billion dollar checks to foreign countries, or build border walls in foreign nations. Sending our hard earned money to foreign countries is the biggest F you to the American people. Enough of foreign aid!”

“Any type of #COVIDReliefPackage should look like this. A simple direct payment to legal Americans. Then every single government entity, elected official, and know it all needs to sit down, shut up, and go back in their office and let America GET BACK TO WORK! Problem solved.” You can read the full article here.

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