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Fox Host RIPS Traitorous Mitch McConnell

Fox Host RIPS Traitorous Mitch McConnell

He deserves what he’s getting…

During his own show on Fox News, Sean Hannity attacked Sen. Mitch McConnell after McConnell decided to support impeaching a president post-presidency.

Hannity said, “In November, the President won more votes by far than any other Republican in the history of our great republic — nearly 75 million nationwide. Now soon-to-be Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and a handful of other long-serving establishment Republicans are trying to reassert control of the GOP, and their playbook is sadly all too predictable. Instead of picking up the mantle and promoting the president’s America First agenda, they are tonight cowering in fear, wilting under the pressure from the media mob, liberal Democrats, and big tech companies. Many spineless Republicans are joining forces with their Democratic friends to repudiate all things Trump.”

“In other words, they want to cancel Trump. Mitch McConnell claiming that the Capitol Hill riot was provoked by the President. That’s what the mob and the media, that’s what Democrats have been saying. So, Mitch McConnell, I’m all ears. Tell the American people exactly what part of the President’s speech that you thought was violent. Was it when he urged his followers to peacefully and patriotically march to the capitol so their voices could be heard?”

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  • I hope McConnell is ready to retire because with this back stabbing action, he is done.
    No self respecting Conservative or Republican should ever vote for this coward ever
    again. He is a disgusting and a disgrace.

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