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Chuck Schumer FLUBS Badly On Air

Chuck Schumer FLUBS Badly On Air

What was he thinking?

According to The Daily Wire, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer stated that former President Donald trump incited an “erection.”

Chuck Schumer intoned, “But make no mistake: there will be a trial and when the trial ends, senators will have to decide if they believe Donald John Trump incited the erection — the insurrection— against the United States.”

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You can read the full article here.

Image credit: The Intercept

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  • It was the Democraps, FAKE Republicans, and RINOS who are at fault for what happened on January 6,2021. Soros paid the ANTIFA and BLM Thugs that attacked the Capital but everyone who voted and supported the Closure of the Capital VIOLATED both their oath of Office and the CONSTITUTION. President Trump was the only one calling for no violence and laws being obeyed. Unlike Democraps who have been calling for VIOLENCE since President Trump won the 2016 Election. All Democraps bare the BLAME since they have either Protected ANTIFA and BLM TERRORISTS or encouraged them to RIOT. So why are any of them still in office????

  • upchuck has had more than one hoof in mouth moments but you will NEVER hear the lame stream media call him on it. It’s almost like they are afraid of him or something. Probably more likely that they are so committed to agenda they will do whatever they can to push it along.

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