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Dr. Fauci Deals LOW Blow To Trump

Dr. Fauci Deals LOW Blow To Trump

Here’s what he said.

According to The Daily Wire, Dr. Anthony Fauci attacked former President Donald Trump stating that he would often criticize his constant pessimism during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It isn’t like I took any pleasure in contradicting the president of the United States,” Fauci said. “I have a great deal of respect for the office. But I made a decision that I just had to. Otherwise I would be compromising my own integrity, and be giving a false message to the world. If I didn’t speak up, it would be almost tacit approval that what he was saying was OK,” he said.

“That’s when I started to get into some trouble,” he continued. “The people around him, his inner circle, were quite upset that I would dare publicly contradict the president.”

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“There were a couple of times where I would make a statement that was a pessimistic viewpoint about what direction we were going,” Fauci said, “and the president would call me up and say, ‘Hey, why aren’t you more positive? You’ve got to take a positive attitude. Why are you so negativistic? Be more positive.’” You can watch a clip of Fauci’s remarks here.

Image credit: The Guardian

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  • Is Fauci a real Doctor, has anyone seen his degree? Real doctors don’t agree with someone not in the medical field when it’s not right. Fauci himself keeps flip flopping on his own Views. He changes what needs to be done regarding the coronavirus. He is not consistent and had no idea what needed to be done. Now he is on the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party list to blame President Trump. Real Doctors are doing more and know what to do than Fauci. Fauci is Great only in his own mind and is another turncoat puppet for the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party. It is sad we cant get honest medical facts from the so called experts. Even the number of deaths only by the coronavirus is false. This all was a plot to get Commie Biden and the Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party elected. America wake up, STOP BELIEVING WHAT THE PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST COMMUNIST FASCIST RACIST DEMOCRAT PARTY AN THE NEWS MEDIA THEY CONTROL SAYS. GO TO YOU OWN DOCTORS FOR THE TRUTH NOT THESE PAID FAKE PUPPETS.

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