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Democrats And Republicans TEAM UP Against Biden

Democrats And Republicans TEAM UP Against Biden

He’s getting attacked from both sides…

Biden is getting flamed from both leftwing feminists and conservative constitutionalists after he issued an executive order removing “any legal recognition of the two sexes and eradicates protections women have enjoyed in the federal government and other arenas such as bathroom privacy and sports.”

People believed Trump leaving office would be the beginning of a change in America, however, the change was not what they were expecting.

Writer Andrew Sullivan warned that Biden’s “ambitions” were “much more radical” than Trump’s.

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  • So, I guess you just weren’t paying attention, he said he was going to do that and now he did. So too bad, you got what you voted for.

  • Yup the liberals/ democrats get to watch a disaster of their own making.

    Oh sure they will try to blame trump, but biddns 50 executive orders are the cuase of the coming economic meltdown.

    You are going to see 7 to 10% mortgage foreclosures, 20% unemployment, taxes are going up on everything energy costs are going through the roof. Your 401k is going to loose 40% your home value will going down 25%.

    Oh but becuase energy cost and taxes are going up you still get to have inflation.

    Yup stagflation!

    Delightful. All the disasters of Carter and obama smooshed into one big biden democrat liberal screw up.

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