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Crazy Democrat Goes BERSERK Over Republicans

Crazy Democrat Goes BERSERK Over Republicans

She’s lost all her marbles.

According to the Daily Caller, Sen. Mazie Hirono attacked Republicans stating that they don’t care about the American people.

“Millions of people are suffering right now. They have been suffering since this pandemic. And Joe Biden is acting with a sense of urgency, which I share. The Democrats share that,” Hirono answered. “So this should not be held up for very long. And I would be perfectly happy to get something done next week.”

“Time is of the essence. People are facing evictions. People have to put food on the table. They have rents. Millions of people in our country are suffering,” Hirono continued. “I just don’t understand why the Republicans don’t seem to give a rip about that. Really? What is wrong with them as they embrace white supremacists and conspiracy theorists? That’s the Republican Party now. Pretty sad.” You can read the full article here.

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