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Reporters Leave Jen Psaki SPEECHLESS After Asking This Question

Reporters Leave Jen Psaki SPEECHLESS After Asking This Question

She doesn’t have an answer…

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was busy dodging questions asked by reporters about the statement Biden had previously given.

Many reporters asked about what Biden meant when he said “‘the vast majority’ of law enforcement are ‘decent, honorable people.'”

She simply replied, “That’s exactly what he meant.”

She later gave a lengthier answer when asked about the emphasis Biden gave when saying “most law enforcement are good people.”

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She said, “Because I think he believes that the men and women who have been serving our country in a variety of capacities have been criticized. Some have been threatened. The roles they’re playing have been questioned over the last several years, and he wanted to reiterate his support for the important work they do. It’s also why he’s visiting the State Department tomorrow.”

Read the whole article here.

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