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Republican’s Statement Causes Democrats To LOSE Hope

Republican’s Statement Causes Democrats To LOSE Hope

Their impeachment trial will fall through…

Rep. Trey Gowdy appeared on Fox News recently and tore apart the Democrats hoping to impeach former President Trump and stated that they will fail again.

Gowdy said, “And I can tell you having done trial work when you start the trial with half of the jury thinking you shouldn’t even be there, you’re not going to win. None of those 45 will change their mind.”

“I think the Democrats in their haste to impeach this president for the second time picked the weakest of their arguments. I’m not suggesting they would have been successful on another argument. But a much better argument is okay, you were surprised that the siege took place. What did you do once you learned that it was happening? That is the better impeachment article, is what did the President do once the siege began, but they didn’t want to do that. So what you’re going to see next week on both sides, frankly, the defense will do this, too. You’re going to see these violent images, and then transposed above that will be the words of the president even though they’re not connected in time. It’s all for the court of public opinion. Nancy Pelosi admitted that last week is for the court of public opinion. It’s not for the 100 senators.”

The Democrats should be focusing on more important things, but they can’t because they are blinded by potentially impeaching a former president.

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