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Harvard Law Professor Completely EXPOSES Democrats

Harvard Law Professor Completely EXPOSES Democrats

This one has to hurt.

According to The Daily Wire, famed attorney Alan Dershowitz slammed Democrats stating that they “overplayed their hand” in impeachment.

Dershowiz said, “I don’t understand; Hillary Clinton’s a very good lawyer. When she says to the Republican senators that ‘You’re as guilty as he is,’ they’re listening and saying, ‘Oh, you mean, he’s as innocent as we are.’ They think they’re innocent, so if she’s making comparisons between the senators and Trump, that’s very ineffective advocacy; she’s actually advocating for the senators to vote to acquit him.”

He added, “And so I expect we’ll hear a few hours — David Schoen is a very good lawyer; he will focus laser-like on the First Amendment issues.”

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He concluded, “And the total simply has to be more than a third and there will be an acquittal, so I think that will be the strategy. The Democrats overplayed their hand today; they went on too long, too repetitious, they should have rested yesterday. I think the Republicans, the lawyers will do a good job by making it neat and clean, and to the point and short.” You can read the full article here.

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