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Liberal Union President Gets DESTROYED By Republican

Liberal Union President Gets DESTROYED By Republican

He didn’t have a chance…

House Representative Bob Good chastised a California teacher union president by stating, “This is a typical Democrat mentality of ‘rules for thee, but not for me.’ The rules don’t apply to them. Not everybody has the option [the teacher union leader] has. Not everybody has the ability, the wherewithal, the financial ability to put their kids in private schools, so it’s really disappointing to see those in power making rules for the masses and then they find a way that it doesn’t apply to them.”

The California teacher union president, Matt Meyer, was caught dropping his daughter off at a preschool while also advocating for all schools to remain closed.

A report from The Daily Wire states:

Berkeley Federation of Teachers president Matt Meyer has been advocating for a “gold standard” that says schools in Berkeley, California cannot reopen until all educators and district staff members have been vaccinated and schools agree to enforce social distancing and mask wearing, according to the nonprofit news website Berkeleyside.

Yet a video has surfaced showing Meyer taking his young daughter to an in-person preschool leading to accusations of “hypocrisy” from parent groups, KQED reported. 

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This Democrat behavior should not be allowed, but it doesn’t seem like mainstream media will bother covering it because it has nothing to do with Trump.

Read the whole article here.

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