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Senator Says ‘Excellent Idea’ Could Fund Border Wall

Senator Says ‘Excellent Idea’ Could Fund Border Wall

One senator shared with Breitbart News that a possible solution that has been touted to fund the border wall is an “excellent idea.”

Republican Senator Steve Daines says he agrees with an idea that has been suggested by both President Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz.

The two politicians have previously recommended seizing the assets of Mexican cartels, like the fortune of drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, for example.

When asked if he would support such a move Daines replied, “I would.”

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“I would, in fact. I like what Sen. Cruz was also considering with the bill, why should we not be able to seize like El Chapo’s assets? Billions of dollars we could seize and why not redirect that to building the wall? It would absolutely fulfill president Trump’s promise to build the wall and make Mexico pay for it. In this case, it would be a Mexican cartel paying for it would be an excellent idea,” he added.

With such a brilliant option on the table the only question is when will it be put into action?

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  • no NOTHING will be put into action until democrats grow up and WORK for this country instead of doing nothing but screaming IMPEACH Someone anyone just impeach. stupid clowns

    • Put your money where your Mouth is, and just DO IT….Kiss those Mexicans butt,,,,just do it, we are feeding his lowlife ass, putting a roof over his head, giving him 3 squares a day…just do it, spend the asswipes money on OUR WALL…go PRESIDENT TRUMP, BRILLIANT IDEA….

    • 95% of the money El Chapo has, most likely came from Sources in the U. S. Of A. I can not say for sure which group, hippys or milenials, paid more in drug buys from El Chapo. But the brain washed durg user’s and addicticts sure do not want the wall built or the border closed. I guess that is why the Left Wing Nut Socialist Democraps are fighting so hard to stop the wall and closing of the Mexican boarder. Their constituents would lose their drugs, or should I say the Democrap polititions would lose their drugs and their political funding. Why else would they be fighting so hard to keep the boarder open and fence free.

    • I think there may already be federal statutes in force and effect under the RICO (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization) laws! All I can say, is that anyone convicted of running drugs either from Mexico or anywhere else, should have all their assets seized, and I think these laws provide for seizure — it’s been a long time since I did legal research on this — but there you are!

  • I agree with taking drug Cartel assets..The Cartel is a scourge on American society.
    The problem I have is several ideas are brought up by President Trump for the wall that never goes anywhere, are we being appeased while nothing is being done..We love President Trump but lets get the wall done..We’re starting to wonder if you actually want the wall when the Government is discussing a 2 tillion dollar infrastructure deal but nothing for the wall……Seriously…..


  • Yes! Just do it NOW. Thousands die each year from drug cartels money. How much are those lives worth.

  • That sounds like a great idea. How can we expand that to the mexican president? He is allowing all these illegal persons to come into his country and helping them to move into our country illegally. I think he should be charged and if he does not pay it take it directly out of the money we send to his country every year.

    • America is in danger for sinking – just like the titanic. Do something – now to save our country – in spite of the leftists in our government.

    • Build the wall so that we only have legal immigrants that have to apply from their home country. Then we won’t need holding camps

  • It would not only build the wall but also knock down our countries debt. However, Nancy and Chuck would not go for it since part of that money has been finding a way into their bank accounts, tax free.

  • I think this is a wonderful idea to use El Chapo’s money to fund the wall which this would be Mexican cartel money to keep drugs out of the United States. It would keep out the illegal immigrants out and hopefully have people come in the right way to America to become citizens an work in the United States and pay taxes and live the American way.

  • Agreed – the concept of using drug profits (far too much which has come from druggies in the US) to fund the construction of the ‘wall’ – we can have a legitimate discussion on what specific form it needs to take but only AFTER the decision – fully supported by CONgress (like that will happen as long as the democRATs are able to stonewall it).
    Add in my long held idea to put a surcharge on every $ sent south and we can easily build the ‘wall’ AND pay for extra border patrol. There, illegal ‘immigration’ solved.

  • I agree with the suggestion of the Senators. We are being invade as
    a nation , Hitler invaded Russia before France, with tanks and cannons. We are being attacked not with guns, but with drugs and gangs, and our citizens , many of them killed my the invaders.
    I am an author and have written a book, titled BORDER PATROL
    My character delivers three different drug cartel operators from Mexico to the FBI in the USA.

  • I know Biden has a wonderful idea. I just hope he finds it before he turns 100.
    Democrats entered a battle of wits and lost against my pet rock….. 1 to 0

  • Back in March I sent an email to Sen. Ted Cruz suggesting that he he talk with President Trump and go after all of the assets of El Chapo and use them to build the wall. This would benefit both the US and Mexico. We would both look good and it would make the president of Mexico look good and we could get the wall built very fast. Both countries would look good and would be much safer. All of El Chapos ill gotten gains came from the US and it is only right that these monies be returned to the US. This should be done right away before if is lost or spent by the Mexicans.

    I also suggested that if did not happen right away we should double all of the fees and taxes that the Americans spend in Mexico at their resorts. If they lost revenues from our tourist trade they would be in a world of hurt.

    If we got all of these monies the Mexican president would look good to both the US and Mexican citizens.

    Now is the time as they say time is of the essence.

  • Can you imagine…. after 8 years in control of the government, with brilliant members of the CIA, the FBI and arguably the finest legal mind in the country with several very educated legal minds, having to resort to lies and accusations to try and unseat a simple businessman. Hmmm

    • Build the wall Don. If we have access to Chapos funds.this would make you the man again in 2020.AND I’Am A DEM . YOU Got my vote.America FIRST.

  • That is an excellent idea. It is money that is not coming from our taxes and
    would be a solution. Mexico would be building the wall in a roundabout way. Of course, the Left could not support it because it would mean the President would get his wall and he would come through with his promise that Mexico would pay for the wall. They can’t stand the idea that the President would once again keep his promises and make them look even more the fools. It is time the American people kicked the Dems and Socialist to the curb. These people have not done anything for the American people. Look back and you will see the Democrats have never been there to help the people. They promise and promise but never come through with the goods. I call that liars.

  • While you are at it you should seize George Sore Ass’s assets too . He has paid Invaders to invade our country and this is treason and should be called as such !

  • I ask what is the legality of such a move? Where are the funds at present? Are they physically seizable in the first place? Now that the info is public, how long will they remain seizable if not already disappeared?

    However obtained, until a Court with jurisdiction decrees that the funds may be appropriated, the money is still the gangsters’.

  • I agree with Senator Cruz in using the Cartel assets to fund the wall. Might as well use it also to fund illegal immigrants cost for housing, medical care, etc. expenses now incurred to show compassion to illegal immigrants in USA. Currently spending $100 billion dollars to illegal immigrants.

  • So, where is this fabled fortune? Could *anyone* or any government or agency seize it? Wishful thinking, as far as I can tell…

  • Back in March I sent a email to Sen. Ted Cruz suggesting that he contact the powers that be to implement getting all of the monies that are in the coffers of El Chapo back in Mexico. The monies for the most part came from the Americans. It is sitting in Mexico and could be wired in a matter of a few hours. These monies in essence blood money from the many US citizens that lost their lives from these illegal drugs.

    If the Mexican president sent this money it would be a feather in his cap. If the monies sit in Mexico they will soon disappear. These monies basically belong to us since they came from the US. As I see it if we don’t get the money right away we never will.

    If the money is wired to the US we can get this wall build which will benefit both countries. Every day lost is costing both countries millions of dollars . This illegal immigrant problem is way out of control. The influx of illegal immigrant problem is way out of control and the traffic is coming into the US not going out. We can not feed house or care for the millions that are trying to storm our borders to gain access to our way of life.

    Lets get this done now, as they say time is of the essence

    If we don’t get the monies right away we should impose some very stiff tariffs on the tourist trade with large tariffs on hotels, and all other tourist activities. The US spends hundreds of million in Mexico for hotels, meals, entertainment, honey moons, conventions, fishing. The Mexicans spend very little coming into the US for vacations etc. This relationship is way to one sided.

  • The key to this would be to allow Mexico participate in the wall construction and get some of El Chapo’s assets. A joint project paid for by cartel $$$ is a sure winner.

  • SUPER GREAT IDEA , they have stolen that money from us in the first place , we are just getting it back

  • SUPER GREAT IDEA , they have stolen that money from us in the first place , we’re just getting it back

  • The left is NOT only supposed to grow up and work for this country, but they are also supposed to work for those, who put them into this “position” to begin with; but it seems like as soon as they put foot in DC they forget ALL about, whom put them there………..

  • this is not the entire problem here, its the central americans coming here with passports and having 2,3,4 and 5 children within the 10 years that the passport is good for. they know that if their children are born on american soil they are in, believe me, these people arent stupid, they know exactly what they are doing. if we dont change the birthright citizenship law, this is never going to end.

  • WHY! hasn’t this already been done Nancy & Chuck?? I think the American people want it — probably to a person.

  • I have heard about el chapos drug money months ago, where is the action and what,s taking so long. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • we should have already been doing that, but the federal govt helps mexico and other cartels in promoting drugs into the u.s. . and them morons at the fbi are to busy arresting our patriots who are trying to help protect our borders. i say shut down the fbi now.

  • omar, why are you promoting so much racism toward our black and white american citizens. i’ve never in my whole life seen so much hatred to christian americans. why are you here? go back to your homeland , we love our country and we don’t need trash like you in our u.s. senate. your beliefts are hatred and you believe in incest, racism, hatred,and muslem terrorism. no room for you here see if israel will take you or russia. get the hell out of our country. i can purchase you a 1 way ticket to palestine, only if you don’t return here. get out

  • In addition to seizing all their assets, prosecute the criminals either Mexican and/or Americans and make them work on a chain gang to help build the wall. If they cooperate, they may be given consideration for a reduced prison time.

  • Great idea to take the drug money and build the wall, that way we don’t have to spend our money to build it, let El-Chappo build it.

  • It seems to me that El Chapo made his money from Americans so yes that money should be used it’s Americans money.

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