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Judge Bashes Trump, Doesn’t Expect THIS

Judge Bashes Trump, Doesn’t Expect THIS

A Utah judge just received his own sentence after trash talking President Donald Trump.

Judge Michael Kwan has made social media posts as well as regular courtroom comment that slam the sitting president of the United States. 

One such example is a post he made accusing Trump of an “inability to govern and political incompetence.”

But actions have consequences as any judge should well know and now Kwan as been suspended without pay for six months due to his insulting outbursts. 

Utah State Supreme Court Justice John A. Pearce spoke out following Kwan’s suspension. 

“Judge Kwan’s behavior denigrates his reputation as an impartial, independent, dignified, and courteous jurist who takes no advantage of the office in which he serves,” Pearce explained. 

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Kwan has protested the suspension calling it an inappropriate and an unlawful attempt to regulate his constitutionally protected speech according to Pearce’s piece. 

Kwan’s attorney, Greg Skordas, said the judge is disappointed with the severity of the suspension but accepted that he would get some reprimand.

Hopefully Kwan will learn from this lesson.

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  • That judge should have been removed from his appointment, not just given a six-month absence from the office. Irresponsibility should carry firm consequence the more responsibility one is given.

    • We can not have a judge that is so biased against “OUR” president. He needs to be disbarred. We also need to get Obama’s judges out and some rep. conservative judges in there. Trump will go down in the AM. history books as the most criticized president but the one who brought us back to a positive, work for all, fair healthcare, fair pay, better working conditions, more jobs filled and the black and hispanic communities have never been so well off with jobs, buying homes, money in the banks and on and on. It is dispecable that the Dems are working so hard to take Trump down along with the American public by becoming more “FAR LEFT” and Socialism is the new Deal. That we can allow Muslim people to join our Congress and constantly take down Trump, our country, our ideas, our right to worship, right to stop muslims from trying to come into our schools and teach about ALLAH, Sharia law, and Muslim religion. It’s being taught in “SOME “ public schools already. Are we going to just sit there and allow this to happen, We don’t have many chances left. GOD has been warning us for awhile. Floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, mudslides, earthquakes, farms being wiped out, tsuminas (Hawaii) and Volcanoes. We are running out of time, folks! Stand up and become vocal and let the KKK-democrats know we are not going to stand for their criminal and religious behavior!

  • It was a long time Coming…..You may not like Trump,but you must respect the office of the President…….These Snow Flakes have disgraced the President WAY TOO LONG……Donald Trump is the GREATEST THING to happen to our Country in the last Sixty Years….

    • The deep state, the left will never stop until we vote them out. We stopped Hiliary we can stop this Gov. Takeover we just have to stick together. What happened in Venezuela can happen here.

    • Nice. Thanks for standing up for our President – he has to put up with way too many ill-tempered opponents.

    • He’s holding our country together almost all alone. He’s trying so hard so we don’t go down the sewer.

    • He trying to do a great
      Job if they just leave him
      Alone. I don’t think any
      One of us would not loose
      Our temper if we put to
      Test like he has. Even
      Poleski. She no friend of
      Mine or anyone I know. She
      Sure hasn’t done the job
      People intended her to do.

    • He should have gotten more!! He’s a disgrace to every judge that is actually a legit judge . They should RESPECT THE OFFICE of the PRESIDENT!! A lot of liberal judges do not know to much about respect or there job!!!

    • Typical of someone exercising his/her 1st Amendment rights to get called on the carpet. I’ve been a Trump supporter.. but, not anymore. He doesn’t give a rats butt about the USA ie ‘we the people’. He just nominated the head of the National Fraternal Order of Police as ATF boss for goodness sake. Cops in the US are evil tyrant sobs who do not honor their oaths. Just unjust laws that don’t line up with the Constitution. Not to mention… Trump is a Zionist-Puppet & Shill. Netanyahu’s shoeshine-boy. Anything Trump has done thus far that we may find appealing.. it is just window-dressing. Carrot & Stick business as usual. He rode into the White House on “THE WALL”… SO, WHERE IS IT? Just another part of the American Dream. Which, is just that….. a dream. That is, when its not a nightmare. Trump is a 2-trick pony. 1)Hes good at making money.. 2) Hes good at bull-shitting we the people. Sure as Hell cannot choose sound individuals to surround himself with. Sucked at that since day 1. Albeit he was somehow forced to take Mike “The satan-worshiping pedophile child trafficker and murder” as his VP. Google it.

      • If you hate the police so much next time you have an incident don’t call them and get your ass kicked. You don’t deserve the protection of the police and you sure as hell don’t belong to be living in America because you don’t appreciate the freedoms you have. Goi support some socialist so when you have nothing left because your government is taking it all and is dictating to you what you can and can’t do then don’t bitch because you will have deserved it.

      • Missy,
        I think you’re “bull shitting” US
        as far as having been a Trump supporter.
        ( I really doubt it. )

      • Are you insane or just stupid? Everything you said is crazy.
        You must be a millennial or just brainwashed through our education system. Everything you stated is completely false
        And lies. Why is there so much hate against our President , Vice President and Police. The Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party has really done a great job initiating Hate, Racism and violence in our country. They follow Hitler’s blueprint to a tee on how to conquer a nation. Get control of education, news media, and entertainment and you will conquer that nation. Well
        Done Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party you have succeeded. You are a perfect example of their success. Study real history before you mouth off and find the truth yourself, if you can read.

      • Go on and cry, SNOWFLAKE. You don’t seem to have the mental capacity to understand that judges are to be fair and impartial. That blabberhead should have known it, but chose to post on social media. It’s a good thing that he got suspended, as he has no business sitting on the bench!

      • You say you where a Trump supporter, no one believes that. Just another liberal going after the first president in a long time to look out for our countrycountry

      • the dms rule the money. NO WALL’ obama judges rule the courts, NO WALL. don’t you read your own tv/news/net? another head in the sand democrap.

      • I don’t believe you were a t]Trump supporter or you would not be denigrating him as you are!The President, no matter which party IS THE PRESIDENT and the only ones coming up with the misstatements you have are SNOWFLAKES who are ignorant to the responsibilities of the said position. Trump has, in two years, done more for this Nation, and its citizens that any president since Reagan. Clinton did nothing but destroy our relationships with our allies, and Obama followed in his tracks. Little George wasn’t much better as he was basically a RINO.

        Trump has created working class jobs, has improved the economy, even though Obama and Biden have wrongfully claimed to have started the change, which if it were true, the improvements would have been ongoing when Trump took over, which they weren’t.

        Obama was and is such a big LGBTQ supporter because he is married to Mike. He is gay and it is trans. If he weren’t he would not have bent over so much when he was in high school in Hawaii. Rumor has it that he would leave school with rich Hawaiians and others and would come back with money and drugs. He earned it by giving up his butt and that would explain his marriage to Mike!

        If you want to support the left, move on and shut your mouth as everything you have written shows that you are just another libitard in the sinking ship to hell.

        • when obummer was in school in Hawaii, he got beat up almost every day. most local guys just don’t like blacks with big ears.

      • Make no mistake, a Justice with an opinion that is contrary to the Constitution deserves a suspension. There are Justices that are coming out with an anti-defense of our Borders. That is tantamount to treason.

        • By virtue of his position as a judge, he doesn’t have the same right to free speech as he calls it if he makes negative comments about government officials or even a citizen unless that person is on trial before his court.
          He needs to be removed from the bench rather than being suspended and this should be done before a Judicial Review Board.

      • Oh missy STFU ! You don’t know him . What are you the greatest lucifer leader of the band. Sound like you have gotten laid yet…

      • You’ve never been a President Trump supporter!
        Judges have special privileges which come with the job, however they also have to remain impartial. This jerk you’re pretending to support doesn’t have the right to bash our President as log as he wears the robes! Justice is supposed to be impartial ! Their symbol is a blindfolded lady justice holding a pair of balances!

      • You Really Trust Communist Google That Supported Hillary Clinton That Also Practices FAKE News, You Are A Phucking Fool, Between Facebook And Islam Twitter, You Tube All Left Wing, CNN Communist News Network, ABC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, PBS And On And ON, The Communist Left Owns It All, The USA Is Being Slowly Taken Over, They HATE Trump And They All Will Stop At Nothing Until He Is Destroyed And Most Of Us No The Truth, You Are Fulling For The Communist Propaganda.. WAKE UP !!

      • How much did they pay your stupid fn ass? I know your talking about your pals the demoncrats! They r proven murdering babies, sex trafficking, uncle joe and friends pedophiles! Get a brain! Get a clue! Get help!!! You definitely need it!!!

      • Trump 2024 The Judge was using his official position in an adverse
        way. He deserved what he got. When he’s on the bench he’s supposed to be impartial. He showed that he couldn’t be!!

      • Its obvious you were NEVER a Trump supporter, your argument is so week its laughable, however I will give you that MANY, not all cops are Tyrannical Sobs who have been given far too much power after 911.
        But the rest of your Rhetoric is baseless, and nothing but some Snowflake Trolling a president that has done more for this Constitutional Republic than the last 5 presidents combined.
        So I suggest you go back to being a Liberal Progressive Troll,which is really who and what you are. Keep watching CNN and The View for all the latest Fake news. Keep drinking the Treasonous Kool Aid the DemonRATic party keeps spewing along with an Alt Left MSM who has forsaken all journalistic integrity and ethics,abused freedom of speech and has done more to divide this nation …because you’ll get no joy here. ( VERY LOUD MIC DROP)
        TRUMP 2020 MAGA /KAG!!!

      • you ask where the wall is. Trump has been fighting for the wall for 2 years and the democrats constantly stop it by not giving him the necessary funds from the house. Democrats Pelosi and Schumer, traitors to our country, are at fault and of course you don’e understand.
        The people he has hired come in and he finds out they are irresponsible or rinos. He has to fire them to get them out of the way of his agenda to MAGA.

      • missy, are you talking about obama? do you know the difference between right and wrong.? If it wasn’t for trump America would already be doomed . Between hillery & obama at the helm you might already be under ownership of the nwo getting ready for a new home in the choice of the nwo. Trump saved America from this happening and you want to bad mouth trump. you ought to think God he was elected President. try knowing what you are talking about before bad mouthing someone especially someone that is fighting for your freedom as you know it.

      • You are lying Missy, you were never a Trump supporter, you are a clueless LIAR spreading propaganda like a Nazi. You should be ashamed of yourself but liberals have no conscience, or care for anyone other than themselves and destroying the “orange bad man”. Sit down and STFU, there are enough seditious liars in the DEMONcRAT party you can just shut your pie hole.

        • Nicely put! If democrats would just do some research they would see that democrats have caused this country to have slaves caused the civil war and hid behind kkk masks to hurt the people brought into this country as slaves. Also they would find out they fought martin luther king and now want you to think republicans did all this and how much they love blacks when all they want is to keep them uneducated and not smart enough to see what they have done down through our history. Republicans want the opposite. They want to make living equal to all in our country. Who is keeping people living on streets/democrats who want our borders open so jobs are difficult to find. Democrats DO SOME RESEARCH AND NOT OUT OF TEXTBOOKS DEMS WANT CHANGED TO DELETE ALL THEIR HORRIFIC BACKGROUNDS AND READ THE CONSTITUTION. ITS A WONDERFUL DOCUMENT PROMISING A RIGHT TO THE AMERICAN DREAM BUT NOT FOR FREE FROM THE GOVERNMENT BUT WORKED FOR AND EARNED. ANYTHING FREE IS NOT RESPECTED OR APPRECIATED. WHEN YOU EARN WHAT YOU HAVE THE FEELING OF ACCOMPLISHMENT IS TERRIFIC.

      • Yeah keep listening to the liberal news like today they said there is only 20 miles of fence there’s 415 miles of fence you don’t know what you’re talking about stop watching CNN and MSNBC the fake media

      • Missy
        You are so full of shit I can smell it from here.
        People like you are what causes open season on the police.
        From you statement about trump being a Zionist makes me think you are a white anti Jew so piss off asshole.

      • your last sentence about Mike Pence tells everyone everything they need to know about you and your stupid libtard opinion. No president is perfect, he makes mistakes, like oh, how about Ronald Regan giving amnesty to 6 million illegals without securing the border first.

      • Nice try Missy your no more a conservative then I’m a liberal. Your writing reeks of liberal dogma and pretty much falls in line with the usual hate Trump and most anything else he has stood for. I’ll bet you adore Obama and his efforts to destroy Israel. I’m not buying your post at all. Full of more liberal lies.

      • You are obviously not a supporter of the president. You Don’t have to pretend to have been a supporter and then post such a negative opinion. Are you a coward or a liar?

      • Provide proof that Mike Pense is a pedophile or a child trafficker. You are just another lying anti American liberal like the ones who are blocking the wall.

      • WOW! The more she writes the more her biased ignorance shows. If a coin has 2 sides, this doppler ganger is the evil to the good, purely deceived. Our forefathers foresaw the potential for the masses to be swayed by evil and our Constitution protects us all, Including the President of the United States of America. He has stayed in the ring, delivered counter punches and taking all the Demonrats can dish out.

        A judge violates his Oath of Office when his slander steps over the line. The Oath of Office he pledged with his right hand on a bible is to uphold The Constitution, not be injurious towards the people he serves.

        Carmen L

      • Sorry, Missy. I can’t believe you have every supported President Trump. Sounds to me as though you are one of these far-out-in-left field radicals.

      • What a bunch of BS ! Sounds just like a liberal idiots , you know nothing , but I will defend your right to say your opinions ! I have just 2 comments , you suck !

      • Boy aren’t we testy, were you a disgruntled Democrat when you voted for Trump in 2016? or what? It really doesn’t matter because the democrats are throwing the next election, they are just looking for excuses they can use and then ways to impeach Trump.

      • Everyone has a right to his or her opinion….
        There is a difference
        No sound facts about VP Pence
        President Trump Is his own man only beholding to his office.
        History will show him as a Great President.
        FACTS–Obama a admitted Muslim, Committed treason against
        Our Republic. ie. IRAN ,,,,Uranium One……

      • You are a complete blathering liberal moron, in other words a living argument for retroactive abortion

      • Missy: Unfortunately your negative derogating comments are baseless and without fact. You belong with the obstructionist, do nothing radical Democrats who put their hatred and jealously for Trump as priority and don’t recognize his master full accomplishments and more importantly refuse to work with him for the good of this country, PS The Wall is under construction!!! Wake up and smell the coffee.


      • NASTY nancy and the demons won’t let trump build the wall because George Soros and. Hillary are paying them to cause all this trouble. Just investigate the money trail from them to the demograts

      • Wake up on the wrong side of the bed did you or did you have one…or have a bed did you. We all have the right to our comments and freedom of speech but regardless of who you are it has its limitations. You can’t threaten someone and figure that is alright…and say I’m just observing my 1st amendment rights…doesn’t work that way even if you do. Its’s not okay…threaten a cop or any other official and see what happens…you go to jail for threating a public servant. Same thing happens here…Judges have to reamain impartial and proved he wasn’t. That incidentally is against his oath of office. If you have an oath to take it means just that whether you like it or not. Maybe had you had rules or situatuions that someone that works or is near you and they decide that they don’t want to follow them does that mean that the don’t have to follow them because they don’t have to because their idea all of a sudden does’nt apply because they feel that it infringes on their rights today and then they changed their mind to something else tommorrow, or the next week or month…is that proper or fair to anyone..that is what this is about…keeping a fair and proper basis for what is and isn’t and keeping your word and dignity in the process. A time and place for everything and this judge did not keep his oath of office.

    • Then tell me why the so called president of this Country can abuse women and get away with it , call people names 😠 and treat everyone like shit and run them into the ground and , and use the office of the highest official ,so called president to line his pockets with millions of dollars ???
      HE’S a Corrupt LOWLIFE SCUM who needs to be impeached

      • Richard, you need to do your homework. Our President doesn’t
        need the money. He doesn’t even take a salary. He donates his
        salary to charities. He has never been convicted of any abuse
        against women, and the nasty name calling is coming from the
        democratic side of the aisle. He has done more for working class
        women than any President. If creating jobs to all Americans is
        “testing everyone like S***”, then he needs to bring on more s***.
        Shame on you, you need to get out of the gutter with the scum you associate with and probably the fake media you listen to.

    • There was a time when judges were jurists that adhered to the premise of being unencumbered by personal thoughts, feelings, and were not selectively influenced by. This fellow Kwan has not met the challenge of being a jurist. He got off light with only 6 months off duty, he should have been dis barred.

    • INABILITY TO GOVERN AND POLITICAL INCOMPETENCE – HE SHOULD NOT DENIGRATE OBAMA LIKE THAT BY TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT HIS 8 YEAR REIGN OF TERROR ON FREE SPEECH. He certainly could not be speaking about Donald Trump who is the most accomplished President in probably 100 years.


    • Your right, the President is for the people for the first time. No judge should ever have an opinion against anyone that is on trail let a lone about the President of the United States. Thats just so wrong. Here they are letting out Criminals or not prosecuting bad people because of the deep state that is in power. People we need to make sure they do not release all the criminals that are locked up. They are pushed in a corner so they will do anything they can now to stop Barr and the rest from coming after them. Ok thanks. President Trump 20/20

    • Damn right!

      President Trump did more for America and the American people in two years than the previous four presidents did in 28 years!
      Donald Trump is my AMAZING PRESIDENT and like he promised, president for all AMERICANS! President Trump is the best president ever and the most brilliant leader in the history of the world!
      Keep America Great! Greater than ever before! AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST!
      Actions speak louder than words and President Trump’s actions speaks volumes for America and the American people!

      Trump/Pence 2020!

    • Maybe its time to hold reporters of fake news accountable for their lies. They sit at a desk and listen to nancy Pelosi tell them how to do damage. On a recording she says just leak a falsehood, let a news person print it as fact and then congress can run with it and make our President look guilty. This practice has to stop!!! Maybe some held accountable for the lies would put a stop to what we now call news but is just a means to an end—destroying our president and rule of law!!! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAINT PLEASE!!!

  • The right of free speech does not give a person the right to denigrate and demean another person, especially someone of the rank of a judge who should know the difference. I hope the punishment is not lessoned.

    • Joan You have the Right to be Wrong! Being a Lawyer I say,
      “Trump is the Greatest Thing that USA has seen in a Long time.”

      Marion has got it right….

    • Joan, Democrat leadership is an embarrassment to the party’s logo(the donkey). If you want to live in a socialist/ communist country then move to one, but America is The Best by far of all country’s and let’s keep it that way. Leadership in the Democratic Party are delusional, neurotic and frankly a disgraceful bunch trying to out due each other with moronic ideas. The party no longer represents me or my values.

      • Well spoken Bill, if these socialists morons think that socialism is so great move to Venezuela and let me know how that works out for them

      • All of you pricks that vote Democrat and continue to support these jerks promoting Socialism. Get your heads out of your asses and realize this country is great because it’s based on the free enterprise system. Just look at Venezuela’s economy and the situation in Cuba just to mention two “ism” countries.

    • Why is it that democrats are so unaware of what the hell is happening yo this country, democrats, support killing babies letting in illegals so we don’t feed our people to feed and support invaders. We will lose this country and our people will suffer. Joan you are one dumb sad soul get educated
      Democrats is socialium and corruption

  • Basher Kwan got his response from uncle SAM. Shape up or ship out. Get with the program you fool.

  • This judge, like a lot of California judges need to be removed and replaced. Being at the beck and call of Dems has got to stop.

  • Kwan should be turned out of office. Thinking American citizens are sick and tired of the Leftists’ treasonable talk and sometimes, actions. —

  • I am sorry Barry H Obama is such a vindictive person. He just could not stay out of it. He and his housemates are getting a lot of people in trouble.
    I guess when you know the truth about his past, you can understand. Even if just half of it’s true, he is a wicked man and has a wicked partner.
    He said, “The United States is not a Christian nation.” I wonder what he is! Do you think he is a Christian? Valorie Jarrett is a ?. I heard she lives with the Barry and Michael. Strange!
    God forgive them for all their sickness.

    • Amen Susan, we need to see more of this. Kwan is just another Commie who has infiltrated the liberal/socialist party!

  • Another left wing crocked judge that should be impeached now. Hi isn’t an American citizen for real although he has papers that say so but a disgraced ass hole. GO TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, YOU HAVE OUR TWO VOTES.

  • If you can’t have respect for the president that the people chose. You have no business holding such a powerful job.

  • I’m so tired of the disrespect of our President. I did not like our former President but I sure didn’t trash him in public. I just thought it and kept it to myself. But I’m also not a judge

  • He Kwan should have been permanently removed from the Bench then maybe the rest will realize you don’t bad mouth your boss the President of the United States of America

  • If I went t his court and he found I was a conservative; could I expect a fair trial knowing his complete and utter disrepect for this president?

    • Probably not. All demoncrat are so fkn stupid that they don’t know the laws in any language. The only language they know is insult, disrespects, intimidate humiliate, demeanor, bash while making a fool out of themselves All demoncRAT will go to hell. What the hell does the FKn judge know how to run a country?

  • about time these negative anti-American judges were removed from office – he has no right to such an office and needs to be fully disbarred if not put in jail.

  • It should depend upon the setting when he made his remark. If he was in a private home or other OK his opinion is governed by the Constitution. If he was in a place recognized as a Judge then NO his action are not allowed.

    • No, it does not depend upon the setting.

      The Judicial Conference of the United States was created by Congress in 1922, with the objective of establishing guidelines for proper judicial conduct. The Judicial Conference created the Code of Conduct for United States Judges.

      Sections of the code are called canons. Canon 2 deals with the “impression of impropriety.”

      “Canon 2 (B) Outside Influence. A judge should not allow family, social, political, financial, or other relationships to influence judicial conduct or judgment. A judge should neither lend the prestige of the judicial office to advance the private interests of the judge or others…. ”

      Worth repeating, “A judge should neither LEND THE PRESTIGE of the judicial office to advance the private interests of the judge….”

      • Nice try Missy your no more a conservative then I’m a liberal. Your writing reeks of liberal dogma and pretty much falls in line with the usual hate Trump and most anything else he has stood for. I’ll bet you adore Obama and his efforts to destroy Israel. I’m not buying your post at all. Full of more liberal lies.

    • This judge can’t judge fair as he is biased. He should be kicked out and possibly lose his law license. When people like him get dealt with the way they should the rest will straighten up and fly right.

      • The Democrats do NOT learn! They throw themselves on the floor and have their temper tantrums!! That’s what they’ve been doing since Trump decided to run for president.
        This country became great because everyone was afforded the opportunity to be what they wanted and Americans had goals to reach. What do the people, who vote for these socialistic Democrats, think will happen if we were to become socialists? We become stagnant. All forward progress would stop and we would no longer be the leaders of freedom and advancement .

    • The judge does have First Amendment rights to free speech, but that ends when he flops his fat a$$ in the chair behind his bench. He does not have the right to slander the President!

    • Judges are bound by the constitution. Any judge who legislates from the bench and makes up his own opinions while ignoring existing laws is overstepping his purpose.

      Congress is where laws are made and voted on. Out of control judges are a treat to our Republic . These (unelected)judges who bring there political leanings into the court are weakening all three branches of our government

    • No i do not believe that. A judge should have best standards and morals-a step above all those he controls the fate of. He should rule strictly by our constitution law and his opinions not ever a part of his judgements! And that means he should shut up!!!! Glad he is being held accountable!

  • the suspension is far too short, and no a judge doesn’t get to behave like rapid Trump haters on facebook or Twitter.

    There is an expectation that judges are above the politics and he wasn’t, he isn’t and now he won’t be sitting for a while.

    Hope he is being docked pay as well, and hope that if he does this again the results will be swifter and longer

    • Most democrat appointed judges and ALL Obama appointed judges CANNOT be trusted to impartial arbeiters of the Law. I challenge anyone (especially liberal democrat lawyers) to give me chapter and verse of the United States Constitution (AS WRITTEN) that gives any judge or group of judges, to rule that President Trump CANNOT stop the Executive Order of ANY previous president. Same thing with telling the President that he cannot STOP immigrants from ANY country if he decides to do so. ANY court ruling that is NOT perfectly ON POINT with the Constitution (AS WRITTEN) should be totally and blatantly IGNORED … or as Andy Jackson one said, “…let them enforce it…” Better yet, let them TRY to enfornce it. But in all truth, I wish Trump would just tell them to GO TO HELL!

    • Being in the legal field I ca man not believe a judge would act like this. Unreal. The suspension. Not Long enough and hopefully with out my tax money for his pay
      Fired? In well hope he learns a lesson

  • Love it The judge got suspended for talking down our President YEAH!!!!! Our President is the BEST there ever was!!!! & will be. The man don’t even take a pay check!!!!! I Love our President

  • I think a judge of his “supposed” character,should act a bit more responsibly,and not let his obvious prejudiced come out in such a manner. The man represents and holds a high position ,and should just know better,and stop trying to please /make points with his own party members

  • The judge should have been disbarred. A suspension wasn’t strong enough. These liberal fool that like to legislate from the bench need to be reigned in.
    Freedom of speech is a right but Judges are required to be impartial. This judges hate for our President needs to be seriously addressed.

  • Hopefully this is the first of many more. It doesn’t matter whether the President is a Republican or a Democrat, the same applies – you publicly and verbally accuse the President of not being competent then you must face the consequences. All judges whoever they vote for should be honest and impartial. More may well follow is they keep messing about.

  • Fire all the Liberal Dumbass Judges! Obstructing Sum ******! TRUMP 2020! Build that WALL! CUTOFF ALL FUNDING TO ILLEGALS. No Free Shit and they will go home….

  • This from kwan proves he is bias and should not be a judge……. he is a demorat FOOL …… AND SHOULD NOT BE A SITTING JUDGE…… he should be judging pet shows and swimsuit contests….which are most likely too much for him to handle fairly…

  • This judge along with ANY other Supreme Court judge that brings their politics into their court should be dismissed

    • If judges were not allowed to bring Politics into their court there would be no Judges appointed or otherwise.


  • How can we ever hope that
    future generations will ever
    have respect for our presidents or other government officials when
    we hear every day the disrespectful remarks from
    these liberal networks and
    our Congress! Shameful!

  • when Obama was President I was in a 29 percent bracket making under 100K and getting 600 dollars back Now because of the new tax plan I get 1700K back. Business tax is now 21 percent and the unimployment rate for the nation is 3.6 percent and the economy is booming, And the Demoncrats are too stupid to accept this and I hope they keep on their new green marry way

  • By this he has shown he will side politically! instead of ethically or Constitutionally as of such should be removed and indicted for obstruction of justice

  • Judge Kwan should be completely removed from the bench And disbarred if possible. The man thinks he is above reproach be he is a sitting person on the court.

    • The dems platform is only…get Mr. Trump…they have nothing else to offer and what they come up with to “get” him is simple and nothing so far has stuck….they need to do their jobs and get with the program. For 2 yrs. now they have offered nothing but impeachment…any good he has done is always disrespected and made fun of…they, or most of them said if he got elected they would leave the country…why haven’t they?

  • So glad this judge was taught a lesson. Our President has not done anything to anyone, he has just buckled down and worked as hard as he could to rebuild our great nation. And he excelled at building our America back. I thank God everyday for Donald Trump and this judge should thank God also, because the judge could not have accomplished half of what our President has. I pray God will stand with President Trump daily and by the second, helping him and blessing every second of every day.

  • Judges take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, to judge impartially in accordance with the laws of their state and within the guidelines of the Constitution regardless of where they may be (on the bench or in their home.) Judge Kwan violated his oath in more ways the one. His station requires the judge to be above the fray and respectful of all, most importantly the President of the United States.

  • I so wish people would talk about positive things about this country and suggestions on how to make it better…….INSTEAD OF…….digging up dirt about the other side….saying negative thins about the other side……on and on. To me this is just NOT how loyal Americans should think and talk. So wish would fine the more positive things about this GREAT country. Am a life long Republican

  • He should have the rest of his life to consider his actions. He should be removed from the bench and disbarred!

  • He should be permanently removed.
    There is no place on ANY court for partisan politics.
    Keep your opinion to yourself, you were not put in that position to vent your frustrations.

  • If the judge had been talking about Hussein Obama he would have been called racist and kicked out of his position permanently. Funny how these people who are supposed to be so damn bright dont see the most obvious things. Hussein’s administration was the evil empire compared to the trump administration. Yet this dummy Kwan thinks trump is bad. Kwan is just a stupid man.

    Then of course there is the trump created economy and changes in trade rules which benefit all Americans, but Kwan is again too stupid to see that. Maybe Kwan needs to have his law license taken then he can start to see what the rest of us see. Kwan is just a very stupid man.

    • Just shows that there’s two standards of justice Hillary committed all these crimes and there was no charges Trump never commit crimes and they want to impeach him

  • It’s high time judges be held to the higher standard they arrogantly believe doesn’t apply to them. I have met too many judges who feel their crap don’t stink. Judges who believe they can legislate from the bench also need to be removed.

  • Judges are expected to be impartial, which Kwan, undoubtedly, is aware of that. If he is in an elected position, so much for him to be reelected – he cannot be trusted to make impartial decisions while sitting on the bench. There are some jobs where impartiality is required, this is one of them. Shame on Kwan! He needs to be kept off the bench.

  • Was this judge even born in the USA. People seem to follow the leader, as Hitler said, One big lie- people believe. He knows nothing about our president. Only what fake news says. I am glad the judge got 6 months. He should be removed from the bench all together. JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED.

  • Just by seeing what he said, his attitude isn’t going to change. Most likely 6 months wasn’t enough to think about what he said. Freedom of speech is a good thing, but this guy, as an attorney, needs to be a good example, showing he isn’t prejudice toward a setting President that apparently he doesn’t really know and instead listened to others, rather than to find out for himself.

  • If this black robe does NOT learn anything from this suspension, then he should be stripped of his black robe AND his license to practice law should be suspended permanently.

  • Along with a 6 months suspension Judicial Activist Kwan should receive a swift kick in the face , An example that Judges have a job to do ,Political Activism by a so called ( Judge ) to the detriment of our laws and country should not be accepted and they should be held accountable and feel the same pain that our People feel when a Hard Left Political Activist prevents and Obstructs our Presidents efforts to do what is right and good for our Country and the People of our country

  • Kwan is as ignorant as they come ; he needs to totally barred from law of any kind. The left is so so sick ; the more they go after Mr. Trump, the more they get hit back 5 times as much. Please “dummycrats”, continue to do as you have been doing & President Trump will for sure be re-elected.

  • disrepect of judges needs to be punished. 9th federal circut court needs to be reigned in and judges legislating from the bench removed.

  • This judge got his just reward! How could he ever be impartial during a trial?
    He is a disgrace to the legal system and the Bar Association!
    Karma has a way of working when you least expect it!
    Trump 2020. Our only hope to save America from the liberal madness !
    God bless America!


  • When a judge uses his office for politicial he doesn’t belong in the position. Judges after SUPPOSE TO follow the law. If he doesn’t, he should be removed. Of course, it is plain that the Democrats do not care about the law. They clearly show that every day. They have done NOTHING BUT show disrespect for the President which means they should not be in any government office. They have tainted our government with their disrespect, dishonesty, and their disregard for our laws. They have become nothing but a MOB, CRIMINALS.

  • How in the world did these people thing they are the boss they work for we the people and it is time for we the people to show them they are just workers under us we are there boss and it is time for us to go to Washington and let them know that we are feed up with their BS. These nuts in the house of Congress need to get remove for doing things that they have no right to do and we will sue them. I would love to take them to court and then fire them for over stepping there authority they work for we the people and we are the one that has the authority we can make them or break them.

  • IT’S ABOUT TIME! . . . ’nuff said. We need to see more of this. Let’s support our President, not trash him. He’s doing an excellent job, NOT like the last Traitorous administration.

  • It is very disengenuous and really disappointing for a judge like Judge Michael Kwan to have said what he did about President Trump. In due time , the rest of us will know if you are one of those Obama appointees since it will help explain your kind of mindset and verbiage.
    Despite the economic boom and relative prosperity as now exists in the USA, your vile insulting denigrating remarks about ” inability to govern and political incompetence” would have been hurled at his predecessor! He prevailed and won the GOP presidential candidate nomination over 16 or 17 other really good well-meaning and intentioned Republican candidates most of them seasoned politicians .That accomplishment alone ought to have been reason enough for you to pause and opine that perhaps Candidate Trump being the nonpolitician among the GOP presidential hopeful may in fact be the choice of the Republican voters who got tired of the DC establishment type politicians who say things people want to hear, are articulate and eloquent but do nothing tangible for the people’s welfare or for that matter strengthen the national security of the USA.
    Judge Kwan, with due respect to you, Sir, your statement about President Trump’s purported ‘political
    incompetence’ does not give with political reality. If your beef has to do with the difficult political relationship with the leadership of the Democrat Party, President Trump has been not only regularly constantly insulted, denigrated and belittled but all but caricatured without so much as acknowledging any positive accomplishment he or his administration has achieved barely two years into his administration.
    Where I take umbrage with your vile pronouncements, Sir is your not showing enough judicial restraint, not being circumspect enough to recognize and respect the collective wisdom and Intelligence of 62-63 million of your fellow citizens who supported and voted for Candidate Trump.
    Do you honestly think that if he does not quite have the werewithals that he would have not only survived but succeed as a real estate businessman in the tough rough and tumble real estate jungle in New York City?
    Do you deny that his name is in fact emblassoned in skyscraper buildings in a number of major American cities not to mention Trump business enterprises world-wide.
    How can you profess impartiality as a judge if the
    person in front of you turns out to have conservative values or worse, a Republican?

  • Correction:
    I wrote, ‘jive’ with political reality not “give”. I went back and reviewed that particular sentence precisely because I was deciding albeit hedging as to whether I ought to write,
    ‘ jibe’ or ‘ jive’. But the spell check on my so-called, smart phone still went ahead and tried to ” correct” my choice of word and in the process mangled the sentence even worse

  • How long can these Democrats who have not done a damned thing for our country in 2 years continue with their OUTRIGHT lies, false accusations and criminal activity — “The President is a Russian” sounds like a dumb-idea for a bad joke — cover-up — not capable — pure bull shit published by a bought group of fake news people. These are not journalists on the air nightly — they are speech makers, telling lie after lie, trying to get an audience. Fortunately their ratings are falling and so will their careers — Ask Jimmy Kimmel who is losing audiences weekly.
    TRUMP is the best President in my lifetime — and will win 4 four years.
    Make sure you spell his name right.

  • GOOD JOB…Judges often think they are above the law, and do rotten things…A sitting judge bad mouthing the best President America has ever had is very bad form not to mention close to insurrection….Now everyone knows that “judge” should not BE a judge…Wonder how many Trump supporters going in front of him have been punished beyond the call of whatever crime they may have committed because he hates Trump and Trump supporters…

  • If you just turn the judge’s head upside down he looks just like the leader of the rebellion in Star Wars.

  • He should be fired. Such behavior should not be tolerated among judges who are suppose to be impartial?

  • He should not be allowed back on the bench until President Trump is no longer President. He is part of the problem we are experiencing in our country. There is NO blind justice anymore, and liberal judges (who were NOT elected) are legislating from the bench.. Not constitutional!

  • There are thousand of these liberal gutter trash judges in the country, many appointed by Obama. the illigitimate phony president, his appointment should all be turned around as he was never qualified to make them. think of the 9th court in California? are there any decent judges on that one?

    • I’m sure Judge Kwan believes his position as a Judge should be respected while in his Courtroom. Nevertheless, he has the audacity to publicly denigrate the President of the united states.

  • Kwan identified himself as politicized bigot who doesn’t like white Presidents.
    What’s unusual is that there are more Judges out there dealing with Illegal immigrants who just like Kwan let their personal views predicate their biased thinking and consequently create rulings that in the end endangers the American public.

  • About time …….your actions have consequences and this biased judge finally found this to be true.

  • TO THE MODERATORS….Your LOGO at the top of the page reads ” Conservative Alliance” and just above it says in small print ” Defenders of Free Press”
    If you are supposed Defenders of Free Press…Why are moderating my Reply’s?Are you censoring like Breitbart who say they believe in Freedom of Speech ,but in truth do not, they are beginning to lean to the left more and more every day, and Moderating the -S-H-I-T- out of everyone. Are you following their lead?

    I’ll surprised if I get an answer…

  • They Just Can’t understand God’s words. When he says: Ps 9:14-16, 14 That I may shew forth all thy praise in the gates of the daughter of Zion: I will rejoice in thy salvation. 15 The heathen are sunk down in the pit that they made: in the net which they hid is their own foot taken. 16 The Lord is known by the judgment which he executeth: the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands. Higgaion. Selah. KJV

  • NEVER Forget,dems are Evil!!But if you want something Good,Google “Winger”One of the most Talented guys in music!!

  • Judges are held to a higher standard than anyone else because they are supposed to be impartial. They must follow the letter of the law and not grandstand. If someone is found guilty in their courtroom however they are allowed to express their opinions. However, they are not allowed to express their views of someone who has not been found guilty of a crime. It’s the nature of the job and Judge Kwan knows that.

  • If a Judge had said one negative word about Obama or Clinton the mainstream news would have ran the story every night till he was on a soup line. The Left is becoming a mob of hate enraged pagan thugs… full of themselves.

  • This Judge has no business serving on the court , suspension was warrented !!! I doubt that he has learned anything !!!

  • It’s about time. These #@#!! judges have come to think they are assigned to make the nations decisions. The sob should have been removed from the bench.

  • I am happy that this Judge got what he deserved! Next time he should watch his big mouth and should remember everything has consequences even if your are a Judge. This is the best President that we have ever had and will never have again once he leaves office.


  • Suspended for 6 months without pay is NOT nearly enough. This sorry excuse for a judge should be permanently removed from the bench and sent to the unemployment line. This clown as well as any other judge should NOT allow their personal opinion enter into their judicial reponsibilities. Obviously this Pearce doen’t really know this dirtbag very well — to praise him that way. I believe(just my thought) that this clown is probably an obama appointed activist puppet idiot.

  • TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS THE USA & PRESIDENT TRUMP !!!!!!!!

    BEST PRESIDENT IN MY ENTIRE LIFETIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TRUMP 2020

    TRUMP 2020

    TRUMP 2020

  • Trump is in the office of the president and if he deserves no respect, neither does the office of the president until he is suspended.

  • Just another stupid DEMONocrat ! WHO GIVES A DAMN WHAT OUR ENEMIES HAVE TO SAY ?!?!?! That’s right- DEMONocrats are home-grown, self-radicalized ‘soft’ terrorists! Look at their actions since 2008.

  • with the utmost respect to our president and the greatest man in our country. i am truly sorry for the comments made by this moronic judge . he needs his law license pulled . that does not look good on our judicial system, it weakens a judges leadership and incites violence on the laws there suppose to help enforce. my guess is this so called judge kwan is someone’s puppet and should be terminated from his judgeship position.

  • Judge Kwan has no business on the Bench. This unequivocally proves he’s no a fair impartial decision maker. Anyone in our Country working in a professional capacity should respect the office of the President of the United States. He was elected by the people of our Country. Kawn should step down or be terminated.

  • If this judge is so prejudiced in his opinion of our President Trump, what other damaging prejudiced verdicts is he passing on to defendants who are otherwise deserved of an unbiased legal judgement? He should be removed from the bench.

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