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VETERANS Send OCASIO-CORTEZ A Message She Can’t Ignore

VETERANS Send OCASIO-CORTEZ A Message She Can’t Ignore

She didn’t know what hit her…

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez angered veterans so much at a recent event that they walked out after listening to her bash the nation.

The incident happened during a private meeting of community leaders in the Bronx where the representative railed against United States foreign policy, The New York Post reported.

“She knocks the country, she knocks the president. And that’s not what America is about,” Vietnam veteran Silvio Mazzella said.

Another veteran, Anthony Vitaliano, who also worked for the New York Police Department for more than three decades, could not stand it either.

“I just couldn’t hear her BS anymore,” he said in a statement to The Post. “I just got up, got my umbrella in my hand and walked right out.”

AOC held the closed-door meeting with about a dozen members of the board on Wednesday night, marking a rare visit to the Bronx part of her district.

One Middle Eastern board member raised the issue of the conflict in Yemen.

The progressive firebrand slammed the US policy of providing bombs to Saudi Arabia, which has supported Yemen’s government in a brutal civil war, according to attendees. Some blamed her for not including the roles of other nations in explaining the volatile region’s violence.

“Talking about America, that really turned me off completely,” Mazzella, who fought in Vietnam from 1966 – 1968, said.

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Earlier, board members complained about problems with the US Postal Service, which regularly misses mail deliveries, and a local Amtrak property that is a magnet for graffiti vandals. CB 11 is a working-class neighborhood on the eastern side of the Bronx covering Allerton, Morris Park, Pelham Gardens and Van Nest. In addition to parts of the Bronx, Ocasio-Cortez’s district includes north-central Queens.

“Did she care about the issues? She wrote them down,” said Vitaliano, 78. “The jury will be out on the local issues.”

She “danced around the whole” question of Columbus Day, for which the neighborhood holds a parade every year, said Vitaliano, who supports creating a day for indigenous people but wants to preserve the treasured Italian-American tradition.

Src: The Federalist Papers

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  • If The Bronx is smart enough, I see AOC as a one term (sic.) Congress woman. She doesn’t deserve that title, and needs to be replaced, sent back to bartending (if they’ll take her back). THAT tile belongs to intelligent, thoughtful people, not idiot nit wits like her. She serves no useful purpose but to inflame people with her stupidity. TRUMP 2020! and for GOD’S sakes, send in her replacement! A homeless DOG will do! . . .

  • cortes ocaso must be impeached or locked away in the bronx . she would make a good barmaid. or perhaps she can be a lady in the night. she ran amazon off before they even moved in with her racist speeches and hatred of american citizens, but her love for the american dollars she is stealing from us. way to go bar hog i will buy you another drink if it’s not watered down. the great senator from new york, put her on a barge with the rest of your trash you send to peru.

  • that little girl should be put back to bar tending! she’s about as dumb as a rock! how did she ever get elected to Congress? who was pushing her into the office? she sure didn’t get there on her own intelligence! she needs her mouth taped shut until her term is over before she does anymore harm!

  • I agree with one term, however, I would like to know how many terms does a representative serve i Congess before they are entitled to collect a pension. I would prefer that AOC be removed and not be eligible for a pension.

  • isn’t she a regular on SNL ??? If not she could and should be… Very entertaining person…!! Did she wear a red nose for red nose day..//???

  • It’s a shame that New York is so liberal if they can realize what is
    happening with everything that is going on, You Vietnam Vets you
    Live there and this is what you all want. Bummer!! As a Vietnam Vet
    and Conservative you men need to wake up, And get rid of these bad
    politician and vote them out

  • This bartender buffoon from Boston University is a complete and utter idiot.I am a 74 year old Vietnam Veteran, Tet Offensive 1968 survivor and had a degree in GOVERNMENT when I served with the 199th light Infantry Brigade and was, under the Geneva Accords, personal assistant to and protection for Medal of Honor awardee chaplain Charles Angelo Liteky. I find it OFFENSIVE and Un-American that such an ignorant and incompetent 29 year old can be elected, likely with massive help from Soros or some other Clandestine Globalist to further divide us by design and to destroy all I and my generation fought to PRESERVE in Honoring our oaths, the SAME one pols elected take prior to taking office;something damned few in Career politics have EVER honored in my 74 year lifetime. She is but a symptom of the stupidity, seditious and treasonous acts of the previous Leftist radical Obama Administration which has worked to undermine Trump as a DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT, without cause or proof of wrongdoing. Mueller claims not to have exonerated the President but he , by his own admission, could not prove obstruction after 2 years and a waste of 30 million dollars adding to our massive $22 TRILLION debt created mostly by Democrats and nearly tripled in the eight year reign of ruin under Obama. AUDIT EVERY CONGRESS CRETIN AND CHECK THEIR ASSETS AGAINST ACCOUNTING FOR HOW THEY ACCRUED THEM. I AM SURE THE DISCREPANCIES FROM BEFORE ELECTION AND AFTER, WOULD PROVE INSIDER TRADING AND OTHER CRIMINAL IRREGULARITIES; CRIMES FOR YOU OR ME BUT, NOT FOR THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THE LAWS AND IN MY OPINION, BREAK THEM WITH IMPUNITY IN A TOTALLY CORRUPTED DOJ ONLY NOW COMING UNDER SCRUTINY AND REPAIR BY AG BARR! I hope to see all of the leftist loons indicted, charged WITH ACTS OF SEDITION AND HIGH TREASON UNDER THE DEFINITIONS OF SUCH AND THE PENALTIES FOR THEM TO BE FOUND IN THE U.S CODE CHAPTER 18! Perhaps THEN, we would have responsible and accountable representatives and an addressing of the problems in compromise to benefit AMERICAN CITIZENS, not bankrupt them in WELFARE FOR FOREIGN FELONS, INIMICAL INFILTRATORS, DRUG DEALERS AND OTHER CRIMINALS, INCLUDING THE ONES WE HAVE ELECTED; who tax and spend us all into poverty while they pocket part of the proceeds. Full investigation by a watchdog agency like the Judicial Watch would likely put the pond scum parasites where they belong: IN PRISON, NEVER OFFICE!

  • I will be very pleased when AOC’s presence in Congress comes to an end! Apart from a serious lack of knowledge of most things useful to a politition, she is also ignorant of much of what America stands for! Why she was accepted into Congress is a mystery and as such, it behooves Congress to remove her ASAP!

  • She lost my respect a LONG time ago and needs to go back to bartending (If they will take he back). She is absolutely CLUELESS to her job and is an embarrassment to this nation. Of course, with her witless comments she COULD be good for the GOP on election night . . .

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