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OUTRAGEOUS: Maxine Waters DROPS Impeachment ASKS Trump For FAVOR

OUTRAGEOUS: Maxine Waters DROPS Impeachment ASKS Trump For FAVOR

She has lost her ever-loving MIND…

California Rep. Maxine Waters, one of main voices shouting for impeachment, has now said impeaching President Donald Trump is not going to happen.

The representative was interviewed by Cheddar near the site of the California Democrat Convention this weekend when she made the statement.

“I do believe that our country is a bit unsettled because we have the president — the likes we’ve never seen before.

“We have people coming from all different directions in our society saying something is wrong, and members of the California society want members of Congress to do something about it,” she said.

“And so it’s not reflected yet in the way that it should be reflected in the polls, but I’m confident that as each day goes by, that as people learn more and more, and the Mueller report has helped an awful lot. People understanding things they’ve never heard before,” she said.

“Many people will never read that report, but as we go through our constitutional responsibility of oversight and investigation in the six committees that have that responsibility with this investigation, people are going to learn more and I’m confident the support for impeachment will grow,” she said.

Src: The Federalist Papers

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    • With a face like hers, her mom and dad had to tie a pork chop to her neck to get the dog to play with her because all the kids were afraid to go around her!

    • Don’t believe it for a minute. She and Pelosi definitely are plotting for Impeachment, they are being careful to gather all information they can for a case to use, any findings they can twist with lies but the main goal Pelosi and Waters have is to CONVINCE Republicans in Congress and Senate to turn against the president before the 2020 elections. So beware Republicans in DC. They plan to work on you like they do minorities for votes – like they did with McCain and Flake and now Amash, who were weak enough to let Dems in Congress convince them that they are “friends” and they definitely ARE NOT!!!

    • President Trump needs to tell Maxie to go to hell! Many Americans have read the report and have not twisted it to reflect what dems want it to! No Maxie, impeachment talk will not grow! We are alk really fed up with your witch hunt and failure to work for the American people!

  • Man, I thought Nancy, Ilhan, AOC makes no sense at all, but MAXINE “takes the cake” and ate it too! What did you expect from the “Loony Left”? and as much as those Clowns make, I’m in the wrong business.. If they were IN business, they’d be OUT of business. We can only hope at reelection time. TRUMP 2020 . . .

  • It is such a shame to have a idiot as Maxine waters telling anyone to resign. She should take her own advise and resign herself along with a lot more democrat idiots.

    • I’m sure Maxine wouldn’t test high enough to qualify as an idiot. Most of the Democrats in Congress and the Senate are way beyond stupid. I would bet several of them couldn’t pass a test designed for promotion from grade school to middle school.

  • Hey Maxie pad, how about you declare refugee status and move to Finland for the free health care and wonderful welfare benefits, and save us the trouble of using you as a case study for our children of how not to conduct the business of legislation. In the interest of diversity, we will lobby congress to include your image on a three dollar bill.

  • Maxine Waters is an ignorant corrupt vile creature of the swamp. Check its district out, poverty and decline. While it lives in splendor of a multi million dollar home. So spare me this vile creatures rant about what is good for the country because it Ain’t Maxine.

  • The more we learn about Mad Maxine waters the more we realize how screwed up California is!! That woman sitting as head of the Banking Committee in Congress is proof of that not to mention the current state of her home city of LA, overrun with trash, rats and homeless folks right in the downtown area!!

    • Chances are good that Maxine couldn’t spell Banking Committee. I have to think hard to try and conjure up an image of what kind of person would vote for her. As a young person growing up and as a young family man I would never have imagined some idiots as we have in elected positions. It’s un-American and will never happen, but we need for people voting to have to pass an elementary test of some kind to have a voting card.

  • Crazy Maxine needs to resign.
    She’s a BIG MOUTH Thief.
    Maxine should be investigated for corruption and theft.
    She’s trying to get the attention off her by telling Impeachment for our President.

    Next stop, a prison Asylum.

  • Yes, I’m quite sure after everything that’s taken place , Trump will just simply resign because MadMax told him he should. These Dems are getting weirder by the minute.

  • Is President Trump keeping his promises ? Is he getting help from the Rhino’s and the Democrats?

    How is the economy? How is unemployment for African-Americans, Hispanics and women?

    Do we have more manufacturing jobs since President Trump cut regulations?
    How about the big tax cut ?

    How about all the trade deals? Democrats, what is your gripe ?
    Of course we know but it is fun to just ask. It is very sad to watch the democrats
    try to limit the President in really accomplishing great things. How can they
    possibly say there is no crisis at the border? How would anyone vote democratic?

  • Just look at Los Angeles and San Fransisco loss of tourism revenue. Look at the streets filled with homeless people. Smell the feces rotting in the street. Maxine should concentrate on her constituents issues rather then grabbing the limelight with foolish statements.

  • Need to give her a break. After all she’s had to live her entire life with that face that would make a train take a dirt road.

  • Trump is not the problem Maxine! You seditious, obstructionist so called democrats are the problem!You are constantly attacking our Constitution.You have no grounds to impeach Trump! Many of your ilk have committed treason! Karma will come calling Maxine,so you better take your ill-gotten gains and head for the hills!

  • We don’t care about Trumps tax returns, but we should see all Congress men & woman & others tax returns, how did most of them get so rich? We are surely over paying them, but when you can dictate your own salary what do we expect? Yes, we need some investigations , not on Trump but on all those damn criminals in our goverment, starting with bathhouse Barry, on down the whole dam criminal line, pickeled Nancy, crazy aunt Maxine, now theres some real criminals, wouldn’t an IRS audit make them nervous, lol, lol,,,

  • Maxine, you are truly a mess! Bulletin: We elect our Presidents every four years. If you want to do something about Donald Trump, then I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait it out till 2020. You can certainly impeach him in the House with your simple Dem majority, but you’ll never get 67 US Senators to go along with this. But then you certainly know this, which leads me to conclude that you live to shoot off that big mouth of yours. Anything for attention!

  • maxy pad , you are in the wrong place , you should be in your proper place containing a case of diarrhea , there you’re belong

  • What can I say about Maxine Waters? First why in heavens name do the people of her district continue to keep her in office? They are living in poverty and she lives like a queen. Pelosi does the same thing. One mile from her mansion people are living on the streets , needles all over the kids playgrounds, fecal matter everywhere. Poverty and drugs everywhere. She and Maxine protected in their mansions by guards and high fences. But they care nothing about the American people at all. We are the ” DEPLORABLES”. it’s time to put these folks out to pasture this next election. TRUMP 2020 VOTE REPUBLICANS ALL THE WAY.

  • “The country is a bit unsettled”. “The likes we’ve never seen before”. Think about it dumb ass Maxine. It’s unsettled because you idiots are not getting your way. Politics in general have gotten out of hand. You lifer politicians that get your palms greased and do a shit job at what you were elected to do. Instead you have created the “swamp”. You are there for your own personal gains. You don’t care about Americans or the Constitution that you swore to uphold. You are on a power struggle. It’s you and politicians that we are living in a world the likes we have never seen before. Get your heads out of your asses and get the hell out of it. Leave it to new people. Term limits starting immediately should be the law. Maxine, you are the problem. You Certainly are not part of the solution. Trump is not there for personal gains. He didn’t need it. He is there to try to straighten out the mess from you, Pelosi, Obama, and all of the other self centered swamp creatures there. Get on the wagon to making things great for the country or get the “f” off the trail. Throw you tantrums on your time, not on the taxpayer’s dime.

  • Crazy Maxine needs to zip her big mouth ~ Read the Constitution and get busy taking care of her own district that is a total disgrace to any form of logical humanity……

  • Maxine says Californians are demanding it…. in her hapless mind, another dam lie. In the first place 1/2 if CA can’t read or wtire in English and prob. Have the equivalency of a 4 th grade level, it takes a minimum 6 th grade level to even read a newspaper. I doubt if they are callin or emailing her. The 1/4 of taxpaying people retrying to leave the disgusting state certainly don’t care, that leaves 1/8 republican who in no hells way would support Dem lunacy, So the 1/8 left might have 50 percent interested in politics at all, thus; 1/16th of CAs voters may give a shit about impeaching the President of the USA.
    Waters, your a lieing bitch just like you’ve always been.You and Pelosi need to take the corn cobs out of your uppidy asses and and get a grip on the real America and it’s needs, perfect dam examples of why we need term limits.

  • She has a lot of room to talk! Where are your tax returns? You don’t want anyone seeing yours! Why don’t you do us a favor and go find a rock to hide under, preferably the rest of your miserable life!

  • There will be no impeachment despite Maxine Waters desire for it! Those who want impeachment have to have a reason for it and as Waters has shown, there is none! Those Americans longing for Trump’s removal should remember that he was legitimately elected by the country’s citizens to serve as President. His term of office will eventually end and all those unhappy Americans will have the opportunity to elect a new president!

  • Every sane ( Republican) needs to corral their family and friends to vote straight down the ticket for Republicans in 2020!!!!!
    Time to get the dem liberal terrorists out of our government and out of our lives……Maxipad is one of many, who needs to go!


  • Since the Dems apparently don’t know God, they don’t seem to understand that God sets up Kings and can also bring them down. Yes, the people vote and if that’s in Gods plan [ the one that wins ], then God will allow it to be. Just as He allowed Obama to become President…for a reason. I understand the reason, does anyone else understand what God is doing here?

    • Jo, I understand completely what God is doing. But, then, I’VE read my Bible for myself, plus my pastor preaches what the word says. He’s slowly bringing judgment on America, & it’s going to get a lot worse, before it gets better. Dimocrats & RINOs are fixing to pay a HEAVY penalty.

    • First to Sharon J. She wants President Trump to resign so they do not need to work at impeachment. Waters just wants to point everyone away from her own actions that are worthy of jail time. When will the USA start getting rid of our problems in place of re-electing them and allowing them to dictate how we are to live?

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