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If you ever needed more proof that Obama tried to destroy this country, here it is…

Radical freshman Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib (MI) might not have many fans nationwide.

That doesn’t matter to equally radical former President Barack Obama, though.

44 apparently told Tlaib, who is famous for saying she’ll impeach “that motherf***** Trump” and draping herself in the Palestinian flag after winning her election, that he was “proud” of her.

Classic Barack, huh?

From Free Beacon:

The freshman Democrat tweeted a picture of her standing with Obama, writing that he “met with us new members of Congress and we had a thoughtful discussion about serving our country.”

“The best part was when he looked straight at me and said, ‘I’m proud of you,’” Tlaib

If Rashida Tlaib was a Republican, she’d have already been kicked out of office.

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But because the freshman lawmaker from Michigan is a Democrat, she gets a pass for spewing hatred on a regular basis.

For example…

From Capital Research:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), who made news for being the first Palestinian Muslim woman elected to U.S. Congress, follows an Instagram account that routinely shares blatantly anti-Semitic posts and 9/11 conspiracy theories. The account Tlaib follows shares posts comparing Jews to vermin and Hitler, posts asserting Jews wield an enormous amount of power, and posts claiming Israel “did” 9/11 and supports ISIS.

Tlaib’s official verified Instagram account, which follows under 1,100 users, is following an account called “free.palestine.1948,” a reference to the establishment of Israel. The Instagram page appears to post multiple times per day. While Tlaib does follow other pages that mention “Palestine” in their names, those pages are private. Tlaib does not appear to follow any obviously pro-Israel pages.

Src: Flag & Cross

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    • Well, ‘now’-finally-it is, upfront & obvious, to ‘all’- has been-to ‘most of us’-for years! “bamy’, is ‘Muslim’! He did his best to destroy the usa-THANK GOD-his ‘efforts’-did not work! But, at least, ‘NOW’, ‘IT’-is ‘Out in the OPEN-as, of course-‘IT’S “MATE!

    • The only thing for certain is when Obama met with the new members about serving their country….they did not mean the USA.

    • You Can Say That Again. oBAMA has Hated this Country since the beginning. He Is The Worst President That We Have Ever Had.

    • To Willi: So utterly true and not funny in itself at all, or their presence in a country where tolerance used to be prevalent , but their influence and their evil only grows with the aid of the OTHER Enemies within: Global elites and Progressive Democratic parasites who NEVER compromise and ARE pure Marxist! Kind of difficult to determine which stink is more offensive to REAL AMERICANS.

    • We must REMEMBER that XPres. Obama and Michelle invited the Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood to the WHITE HOUSE over over over 300 times to discuss????? You can fill in what he discussed with him!!

    • yes isn,t that amazing if left up to these two we would be speaking a new language and we would all be muslim

  • Surprise, surprise, surprise!

    Does this really surprise anyone? It sure doesn’t surprise me.

    He kowtowed and bowed to every Muslim King in the Muslim world. He tried to sell the US to Iran, and did a pretty good job of it with our tax dollars.

    • Interesting how the democrats were outraged when they tried selling Russian interference in our election. Mr. Obama went to Israel and openly campaigned against Mr. Netanyahu. Dems don’t seem to have a problem with that. How Jews in this country can’t see what this guy is mystifies me to no end. He has absolutely no love for them whatsoever.

  • The entire democrat America hating bunch are enough to make a person puke. I guess this is the change Obama was promising.

  • Two pees in a pod. There both worthless anti Americans. Obama sold out the USA 🇺🇸 to every country he could shopped manufacturing jobs oversees sold Uranium to Russia gave Iran 150 billion need I say more. Oh ya weaponized the DOJ and the FBI and conspired with the Russians to spy on American citizens

  • She is no American except possibly name only. And Obama has a sign in Kenya, A Kenya Boy gets elected President of The United States. He is also in the Muslim Brotherhood, yon can check the internet net and research what Egypt’s president said about him when he told him never to come back to Egypt or he would be jailed as a terrorist. Also what he said about him said about him in a letter to Boehner and the Paul Ryan, plus Mitch McConnel. Last check youtube for the 2009 speech he gave at the Bilderberg Group meeting. It was filmed by a German who attended. Listen and watch what he says regarding Americans and the US Government. We as average Americans gave been brain washed with subliminal Messages. Grubber who got Obama Care through admitted it. And the Republican RINOS did nothing to protect us.

    • Mr. Denny Taylor, sir, during the time when Obama drew up that monster of a Illegal Medical Crap of a law, both houses of US Congress had The Progressive Liberal Commie Socialist Infested Democratic Party as the Majority, then Mrs. Pelosi, shoved that crappy suggestion through both houses, without reading and without discussing that piece of Crapola Law, then #44 signed it too!

      • I remember watching Nasty Piglousy saying on national TV regarding the POS Obamacare Affordable?? who cares Act. We are going to pass this bill into law. We can read it later. What kind of incompetent A Hole would vote to pass any bill into law without reading it first. I know. A Demoncrap! I wish the first sentence of the bill read “Nasty Piglousy will be hung by the neck until dead for her efforts”. Maybe it does. I don’t believe anyone has read it yet!

  • My comment was not posted. But then I told the Truth about Obama , that is more than likely why.

  • yes two assholes whom hate this country, and more like them at the border,we will regret puting the dems in charge of the house they are the problem.

  • The false prophets. and the sounds of SILENCE prevail!! See something Say something WE ARE TRYING but who is listening.?? She should be fired… she would have been if Republican…… immediately…

  • …Yes, you would be proud of her…I’m glad you’re gone. Your near brought this country to it’s knees. Yes, YOU too, made us proud…


  • You embarrassed us by your apologizing , bowing, DOUBLING OUR NATIONAL DEBT compared to all 43 President’s COMBINED… Then, if that’s not enough, Democrats get all “interested and mouthy” in what our President wants to do. Thanks for sending billions of dollars to Iran in the middle of the night in an unmarked aircraft. Yes, Obama, you really did us proud…………………………………..Thanks for nothing. Oh! and by the way, when asked when you knew about Hillary’s unsecured server, you answered, “WHEN EVERYONE ELSE DID.”


  • Shamefully sad how our citizens cannot seem to raise awareness about who that character is. Liar, thief, and traitor!
    Now, the Obama and Clinton Cartel are doing everything possible to get their slimy grip on the white house again through their chosen puppet Biden. I pray the alliance wins again, for the sake of our country! Also, economics studies need to become a prerequisite for sitting in public office.

  • Islamic Muslims and their Sympathizers like Ms. Tlaib,, Ms. Omar, Ms. Harris, Ms. AOC, #44 = Mr. Barry or is it Barak Hussein Soetoro alias Soebarkah alias Dunham alias Obama and others, who continually support questionable Nations like Iran, who is a hub for people called Extremely Radical IMT’s, that love killing/wasting/murdering/destroying/claiming and invading what is NOT theirs in the first place/shedding peaceful peoples blood like “The Peaceful Jewish People and Their Nation The State of Israel and The Good Kurdish People”(who very rarely do that dangerous, deadly violent and destructive attitudes and actions = War or Jihad, and most of the time “The Jewish People and The Good Kurdish People” will retaliate in defending themselves after being attacked), and in 1964 AD, stole that word/name Palestine, which by the UN’s predecessor The League of Nations, who gave that area of land to the Israelites/Jewish People for their own Nation, right before WW1 on November 2, 1917 AD, and then re-naming that very same area of land “The State of Israel” after WW2 on May 14, 1948 AD! There definitely and Truly Never Should Be A Place In The United States of America for these type/kind of so-called human beings, EXTREMELY BAD INFLUENCE!!!

  • Mr. Obama, why after the stupid quiet silent Jews who supported your election to Presidency would keep obsten city because the R word chills them. The self hating quiltless know how to keep their own self comfortably by saying nothing for their own quiet closet ness. Why do you Brotherhood Moslems hate Jews, because they do too much and you Arabs and Palestinians want the hook noses to get out of the faces of the so-called Civil Rights community. Jews who are Liberal, money does not buy happiness, Rashida and Ilhan make this point.

  • It does not surprise me that a filthy mouth Palestinian would make a filthy lying stealing Muslim happy so he says she did a good job. Sorry but coming from him that is nothing to be proud of. Two peas in a pod. Who do not belong in our and he definitely did not belong in our government. And just like Hillary he can’t go away. He is not wanted nor is he needed in the US.

  • AG Barr, has anyone bothered to check whether Hillary Clinton gave President Obama a “kickback of millions of Russian bribe money for his approval of her getting a $140million bribe from the Russian government .when he approved the sale of 20% of our uranium to them”??? Is that being accessory to a bribe and did he use that in his 2012 campaign to finance it ??? Talk about Russian collusion??????

  • Shame on America, for allowing any Muslim, to be allow to even run for any government office, let lone congress, and shame on America for allowing a Muslim, to be elected to highest office , in America, Obama whole intention, was to sell out our country, and deplete our Military, and he did, and now we have two scumbag Muslim woman in our congress, that can’t stand this country, and shame on America for allowing a Muslim scum like her to call or President A Mother F*CKER, Don’t be fooled these scumbag’s in or country, and ion our government they are the Enemy from with in.

  • If she hates our country that much why doesn’t she go home? Shows how intelligent Michigan voters are.

  • You know the most amazing thing a out all this is the dumbass democrat voters voted for both of these sleazy balls. Yes Obama is clearly a Muslim and most likely not born in America. The representitive is a .Muslim and not born in America. Both hate America. They both continuously lie and they both know the stupid Democrat voters would vote for them again and they know the Democrats will claim anyone who disagrees with them is a racist rather then an individual who has figure these two scum out. Democrats are just stupid people

  • Everything Obama did makes perfect sense once you realize he was never on our side. You can apply the same logic to Paloci, Schumer, Sanders, Waters, the vast majority of Democrats and rhinos as well.

  • This goes hand in hand with his comment he made once about our “57 states”. He slipped or added thinking no one would catch that there are 57 muslim states. What a putz! He need bars on his door and no sunlight!

  • a PETITION NEDDS TO BE MADE TO STOP Muslims FROM EVER RUNNING in any government office. They hate America and are anti -Christian and working to turn the US into a radical Muslim country . They are like fleas . They invade and cause chaos.

  • Obama…I call him “OBIMBO”…but that does not mean he is stupid, ignorant, it is just because find him a complete Muslim terrorist’s front man, one who was planted here and into the electoral system by some very frightful and wealthy people…very wealthy.

    He is the perfect”insider” for them to handle the destruction of our country and its Constitution…

    And he is smart…smart too in an evil way…he is a liar and seeks the “third level nation mentality”, taking advantage of their survival needs, such as food and shelter in return for their support of him at the electoral ballot box;

    and their limited mentality is perfect for their choice of him as the answer to their wish for a knight in shining armor…galloping in on a white horse to save them from the evil United States.

    It would take very little effort for that culture to start and energize a revolution to oust the current POTUS and Constitution, fully embracing Obama, having him take charge as a benevolent dictator…

    The very purpose for the crap going on in the Democratic party, even the dumb actions by Pelosi, is to prepare for their hidden outsider to come inside/…

    …prepare your bowing technique now…you will be required to do so when Obimbo re-enters the scene…

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