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Fox News Host TORCHES Traitor Republicans

Fox News Host TORCHES Traitor Republicans

They need to be removed from the party for this…

Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro tore into Republicans in Congress who she said continue to betray the American people.

She said that the Congress, and even his own Republican Party, has failed President Donald Trump, who is fighting to preserve America.

“They surge through our borders because they know we are powerless to enforce our laws. We give them busses to get to get over the entire United States.

“We give them courts and lawyers and food and housing before they even get there. Those who respectfully wait their turn and get a Visa and come here legally who want to learn our history and want to skrimp and save, they have to pay for their own lawyer while the illegals get them for free.

“As they surge our borders with numbers increasing day by day. Last month 144,000, the highest number in more than a decade.

“They know at some point U.S. Has to smarten up. Yet, Congress continues to fail us not only block the president’s efforts, but actually passing a bill that would give 2.5 million dreamers amnesty.

“A signal to illegals not only will they let you in and pay for food, housing, education, medical and travel, but sooner or later they will give you amnesty after thee release you into the interior providing another incentive for illegals to cross.

“They say to themselves, what have you got to lose. Yet the house does nothing to address the crisis at the border, and the bill does nothing to security border or enforce our laws.

“The president has offered a bill that did both. But no one in Congress was interested. Legal status for dreamers? Temporary protected status and money for a wall?

“These Republicans supported the Democrat effort that provided no resolution to the crisis at the border,” she said as she named them.

Reps. Don Bacon, Mario Diaz-Balart, Brian Fitzpatrick, Will Hurd, Dan Newhouse, Chris Smith, and Fred Upton voted for the Democrat amnesty bill.

“Congress ought to be fired for forcing this president to negotiate with a foreign power to solve a national immigration crisis our own government won’t solve,” she said.

“Either because it’s a ‘manufactured crisis’ — are you stupid and blind? Or do you hate the president so much you’d rather we Americans suffer the burden of the children of illegals into our already too-small classrooms.”

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“Fire the whole lot of them and bring in every family that’s been affected by illegal immigration,” Pirro said.

“So the president sits in the White House in December waiting to strike a deal while Congress goes on vacation (to) Hawaii, Puerto Rico, planning junkets to Brussels (and) Afghanistan.

“And now as he negotiates with Mexico, they do nothing, while illegal immigrants continue to set records day-by-day crossing the border, knowing they’ll be released to disappear,” Pirro said.

“It all comes down to one thing, the strength of the president to again defy the odds, the naysayers and the doubters.

“This is Donald Trump’s moment in history. And I for one believe in the man and moment. So should you, she said.

Src: The Federalist Papers

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    • The Democrats are self serving hypocrits and that goes for everyone that agrees with all the idiot notions they endorse.

  • Let’s GET RID of these Republican TRAITORS (RINOs) along with the illegal immigrants. These illegal immigrants shouldn’t be allowed in the country again. And, these RINO traitors shouldn’t be back allowed in Congress, either.

  • Every last member of the Communist Party formerly known as The Demonic Rats in the House and the short list of RINO Traitors should be arrested and charged with Treason and Sedition and have their choice of being hung or shot , Then our President per the Constitution should call up the Militia to repel the Invasion of our country and in less then one week the Invasion of our country would be stopped , Then ICE can issue a statement that a reward can be payed to any Citizen that turns in a Foreign Criminal Invader for ICE to deport upon their arrest $25 dollars per Foreign Criminal Invader and force the Foreign Parasite to pay for the expense of their deportation or their family must be made to pay , Problem solved !

  • isn’t obviously the reason the democraps are pushing for more and more illegals who are socialists its because the nation wont vote for the lying bastards.

    • Also, more people depending on gov’t handouts, the bigger the gov’t and the more power demonrats will get. These are future voters for free stuff from the American taxpayers. Its disgusting.

  • Fred Upton, a disgrace to Michigan. If these illegals come to Michigan ,they can go straight to his house. What a douche bag. Not paying anymore taxes for illegals free everything.

  • Lets see the population of the US is getting smaller. Correct ?
    We are getting older. Correct ?
    We will need more and more help as we get older.

    Very few young adults are having childern and can hardly take care of themself let along trying to take care of there parents or some one else parents.

    We need as many younger foreigners that we can get or we die as a nation.

    The age of your average farmer is now around 60 or higher. So who is going to do the farming ?

    Also remember we are almost at full employment.

    I think we should be welcoming these foreigners with open arms and get them moved to the parts of the country that really need them.

  • Unfortunatly, my Senator appeared as one of these Rinio azzholes on TV….


    I voted for this jerk. He supposedly was supposed to support our President’s agenda…but I did spot him standing there, HIDING BEHIND the jerk standing next to turncoat, Mitch McConnell. Yes, he looked pathetic. He’d peek from behind of this guy in the front like a little kid. And, I do apologize to everyone that does support our President. This misersble excuse for a Senator won’t get my vote the next time around! Todd Young is one of those Rino’s. All Hoosiers need to vote him out of office the very first time possible! Let him fry hamnurgers at McDonalds…something he may be qualified to do. He’s NOT my Senator….NO SIR!

  • Todd Young from Indiana was hiding in the back row. He is one of the Rino’s voting against our President with the Democrats. Todd Young is a RINO…VOTE THIS PERSON OUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. HE JOINS MURKOWSKI, COLLINS, SASSE, PAUL MCCONNELL AND ALL THE OTHER RINO’s.

  • Again,This is the frog in the pot example of how insane this country has become,We*ve gotten used to what Not too long ago would have seemed absolutly Crazy,Considered a Joke.Illegal people who Break our laws are treated Better then our Own citizens!Benefits,Drivers licenses,The RIGHT TO VOTE!!??? I Keep saying,We*re SOO Far into crazyland now,That Crazy is Just Normal now,And the bar Just keeps being pushed Farther!I dont know where we*ll end up with these traitor,phoney demonrats in our government,But the Crazy train keeps rolling along picking up speed.God help us!Semper Fi

  • Call her up to the Supreme Court, she’s a fire breather and would fill a great void in some of the old Judges who are way past their time on the bench.

  • It isn’t that We the People lack the will to do what is correct and LEGAL – it is that the powers that be (TPTB – aka the political class) lacks that will and refuses – for a myriad of excuses er um ‘reasons’ – to do their Constitutionally mandated duties – there are 17 of them specifically listed in Article 1 Section 8. ANY federally elected – or appointed – person that does not perform those duties should be immediately removed from that post. Period.
    Members of the military are bound by both their oath of enlistment/appointment AND the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Our ‘leaders’ should be equally bound by their oaths.

  • I am glad that I am the age I am. Also, I am glad that I do not have any grandchildren. Why ????? Because…whenever Donald J. Trump is no longer our President and the democrats are in power, it is over for the wonderful country of the United States of America. It has been said that Republics last about 200 years.
    Is our great Republic on life support? You tell me.

  • America…(this does not include non-Americans i.e. Republican Party and Democrat Party members)…

    We out here don’t give a rat’s ass about party affiliations…But IT IS IMPORTANT that you act like AMERICANS, much like that President we elected.

    He tried to get the Republicans to realize that AMERICA COMES FIRST…but they didn’t comprehend what it means to be a PATRIOT!

    …they were not here to help America, nor to help anyone else but themselves…

    I swear, that seems to describe those Democrats he was trying to undedrstand and embrace the same PATRIOTISM…that of an AMERICAN…

    SO, again, AMERICA…you are the chosen ones for the new and results-oriented patriots-party…the “AMERICA FIRST” party…

    DUMP the Democrats

    DUMP the Republicans

    Work with the NEW party this 2020


    (pissed off members of the Republican party who love AMERICA FIRST, you are welcomed)

    (pissed off members of the Democrat party who love AMERICA FIRST, you are welcomed)

    God Bless the AMERICA FIRST PARTY!

    Let us go out there and kick ass, alongside of the man who loves AMERICA, PRESIDENT TRUMP…he can’t do it without you…he can’t do it without us all!

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