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Lindsey Graham HUMILIATES Entire Democrat Party

Lindsey Graham HUMILIATES Entire Democrat Party

They need to do some damage control after this one…

Democrats should emulate Mexico when it comes to securing the U.S southwest border, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) in reaction to President Donald Trump’s deal with Mexico to help shore up U.S. border security.

Sen. Graham Tweeted Sunday that hopes Democrats, like Mexico, will eventually work with, instead of against, Trump:

“Wish Democrats would be like Mexico and work with — not against — President @realDonaldTrump to fix a broken immigration system.

“I appreciate the Mexican government working with Trump Administration and hope Democrats will eventually do the same!”

Trump echoed Graham’s sentiments on Monday, tweeting that, “Now with our new deal, Mexico is doing more for the USA on Illegal Immigration than the Democrats.”

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“In fact, the Democrats are doing NOTHING,” Trump said, arguing that Democrats’ open border agenda invites crime.

Under the agreement announced following bilateral talks in Washington, Mexico agreed to an “enforcement surge” including “deployment of its National Guard throughout Mexico, giving priority to its southern border,” the State Department said.

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  • The Demo Rats, will never agree to work with our president, You can’t legislate with people who are self serving, Arogant and Stupid and the Demo Rats are all 3 1

    • That’s just sugar coating reality.

      Stupid is what STUPID does! DIMs are doing very STUPIDS ANTI AMERICAN THINGS!


    • Its deeper than arrogant and stupid. Pelosi, Nader and Schiff are TREASONOUS. They need to be arrested, tried for treason and if found guilty, hung by the neck until dead, which is what America does to its scumbag traitors. They are actively trying to bring down a sitting President. Thats TREASON.

  • I don’t think it is possible to humiliate the Democrat Party since they are firmly planted in their delusionary world, where everything that they do is approved by the gods of socialism. I think the only solution is that someone should step forward and change the Democrat Party’s diapers.

  • The Democrats in Congress are worthless toads. They have become
    useless and need to be removed and replaced with people who are
    willing to work for the country and not their own personal power. What
    a bunch of sewer rats. If any one of them found their lives in danger
    due to illegals, I hope they would be left to their own defenses. I am not
    sure I would lift a hand to help any of them.

  • Won’t happen. Here’s the difference. Mexicans are smart enough to do what is in their best interests.

  • If Senator GRAHAM thinks the dumocrates will work with this president he must have been given some bad grass. Never happen.

  • Ever since the Democ RATS took over the house of congress, we did not heard nor see any bills they legislate and if there’s one or two it was “returned to sender” since republicans and president Trump disapproved it. More than a year now and THEY democ RATS not doing their job. A waste for taxpayers paying their salary for doing nothing., JUST ATTACKING THE PRESIDENT. We, the people did not vote this guys to the house of congress for DOING NOTHING. WHAT A SHAME.

  • America is the BIGGEST and BEST trading partner to and for MEXICO.

    The way I see it WE HOLD ALL THE “””T R U M P””” CARDS IN THE DECK!

    If they don’t do as they say then the American Farmers and Rancher will pick up the slack. PLUS we can DEPORT LOTS OF MEXICANS that are here ILLGELLAY and thereby stop the MEXICAN Government from benefiting from all that money being sent back to Mexico. One would think these JOKERS to our south would BUILD the WALL on their southern boarder AND PAY FOR IT!!!

    Finally an American PRESIDENT with a set of BALLS and ready to use them!

    GO TRUMP GO!!!

  • Graham was once a player that Americans sometimes listened too and the he made the trip so far up Trumps back end that his words no longer have gravitas

  • Biden is running for president. What a scary joke. Wasn’t he.the guy who stepped out is a classified meeting viewing Bin loden take down. Walked right to the press and said seal team 6. What a moron. Within 30 days a flight containing seal team 6 members was shot down killing several seal team 6 members. And this guy thinks he should president. Heaven help us.

  • Pretty bad when Foreign Nationals do more work for the U.S. than Duly elected officials. I think it’s time to send these “duly elected officials” a message on election day – that we don’t pay a “pack of worthless bums” a paycheck which they DIDN”T earn.

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