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Republican Completely DEMOLISHES Crooked Hunter Biden

Republican Completely DEMOLISHES Crooked Hunter Biden

There’s no coming back from that…

On Sunday’s edition of “Meet the Press,” Sen. Rand Paul said most Americans believe that there was “corruption involved” with the 2020 presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden in connection to his business ties to Ukraine.

Paul said, “I think a lot of Americans see the $50,000 a month Hunter Biden was making and it doesn’t pass the smell test. I think most people do think there is corruption involved with Hunter Biden. I hope we do get to the bottom of that.”

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What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think there is “corruption involved” as well?

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  • No I don’t think he is guilty of anything. A foreign company just offered me $50,000 a month to joint a firm I know nothing about. I also have some ocean front property here in ND I would like to sell you, if you believe that. Then maybe we could go to China to see if they would let me in on a billion and half dollar investment company? Yah, happens every day. What? No one has offered you deals like that? Not in this life or this world. Hunter has some explaining to do. And we have our BS detectors set on high, so be careful!

  • Of course the Obama administration knew about Hunter and didn’t care. They didn’t care because they thought Hillary would be the next president so no one would ever ask about it so most people would never know. Man Trump winning in 2016 sure messed up a lot of things for the democrats and rinos. They are madder then hell because this could sure mess up their future. It could not only keep them from screwing the American people and stop them from making millions more but it could also put them in jail. They will stop at nothing to try to bring down our President. They really don’t think us patriots will use the 2nd amendment to stop them from taking our freedoms and our way of life. I believe they are wrong. I believe at the right time the people on the right will show them how wrong they are. I believe at the right time the people on the right will take away their freedom and their way of life and for the ones that live they will go to prison for a very long time. Keep doing what you’re doing you people on the left and you will end up in hell before you thought you would be there. See you one day when you least expect it. 👋🏻

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