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Hollywood Actress SLANDERS Trump At Summit

Hollywood Actress SLANDERS Trump At Summit

This is not going to end well for her…

Actress Eva Longoria slammed the “inhumane” actions of President Donald Trump on illegal immigration and said a moral argument on the subject does not change hearts and minds.

Addressing the Latino Summit in Washington D.C., sponsored by Senate Democrats, Longoria said Latinos may have concentrated on open borders moral case, but acknowledged the “argument is not working.”

“I do think we as Hispanics have been focused on the moral imperative — this is inhumane what is happening on the border,” she said. “How we are treating other human beings, it’s just appalling.”

Eva Longoria went on to make the argument frequently made by the Republican Party’s neoliberal wing that more migrant labour is needed for American factories.

“So we need the economic imperative argument, right?” Longoria said. “We cannot deny that we have major industries dependent on immigrant labor. More than agriculture — it’s not just agriculture.”

“I think the truth of the matter is this country does not work without the engine of the immigrant community and the engine of immigrant labor,” she later added.

The 44-year-old former Desperate Housewives star also urged Americans to hold lawmakers accountable “in a loud way.”

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“My biggest message is don’t let the media dictate the divides that we have in this country,” she declared.

Longoria is one of the most fervent anti-Trump activists in Hollywood, having associated him recently to Adolf Hitler. Last year, she falsely claimed that the Trump administration’s policies are “attacking her everyday” as a multi-millionaire Hispanic woman.

“As a Latino I’m personally invested because I’m attacked daily by this administration,” Longoria said at the time. “I mean from day one, for them to attack my community and all brown people to be murderers and rapists is a problem.”

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  • She’s COMPLETELY unhinged and she DOESN’T know what she’s talking about! . . . If she even BOTHERED to look into POTUS Trump’s record, she would find that HISPANICS are greatly succeeding because of his policies.. I’m not sure what she’s been SMOKING, I DON’T think it was CANNIBOUS . . . if it was, then it MUST have been laced with some goofy HALUCINOGEN (What can you expect from a Left Wing Democrat? Smarts? SANITY?!?). She’d better WAKE UP!

    Is that the reason President Trump’s support agog Latinos is up about 20%???
    I have Cousins in Culiacan I never want to see in America!

    You are a Latina and you know the Coyotes were USING Children to get Immigrants
    into the US! They made a fortune refurbishing children!!!!


  • Ha, chicken lips. Looks more like the other end of the chicken to me. She is not aging well. Must be all the hate she has.

  • You liberals can’t seem to get it through your heads that true Americans welcome legal immigration but not all the bullshit illegals. We don’t need them as maids and gardeners like you dumb fucks. We do our own work.

  • An actress who doesn’t like President Trump? Imagine that. This generation of Hollywood stars will single handedly destroy Hollywood.

  • What a witch! She is the last to complain about mistreatment! She is a two-faced liar! She treated NBA Player Tony Parker like a Dog! She married him for his money and when had gotten enough money, she divorced him! She should tend to her own life and shut the hell up about things she knows Nothing about!

  • This wet back is a idiot and needs to get back in her own country. They sneak over her and think that they can run our USA country, what a moron.

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