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Democrat Left His Party SPEECHLESS After What He Said

Democrat Left His Party SPEECHLESS After What He Said

This is quite a big blow in regards to the impeachment hearings…

Rep. Jeff Van Drew rejected the testimony Bill Taylor gave to the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday as “hearsay.”

Taylor claimed that President Trump spoke to Gordon Sondland, the European Union’s American ambassador, about the “investigations” of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

The information came from one of his staff who said he overheard Sondland’s telephone call with the president.

Taylor’s statement was berated by the New Jersey Democrat.

“It’s hearsay,” Van Drew said after the impeachment hearing. “It’s really difficult dealing with this because it’s he said-she said.”

Reps. Van Drew and Collin Peterson were the two Democrats in the House who voted against the motion of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi formalizing the laws and procedures surrounding their investigation into impeachment.

Van Drew said he would have to see better proof such as factual documents or audio from conversations with President Trump to confirm the claims levied against him in support of impeachment.

“Frankly the aid did flow, so that really isn’t an issue at the end of the day,” Van Drew said. “The aid flowed, and everything resolved.”

The district of Van Drew is one of the many districts flipped by Democrats during the mid-term elections in 2018. For the Congressional elections in 2020, President Trump Trump and Republicans hope to flip the district red. President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in New Jersey’s second congressional district during the 2016 presidential election.

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Rep. Van Drew continues to condemn the “hopelessly partisan” hearings into President Trump’s impeachment.

The Democrat of New Jersey said his constituents said in October that the move to impeach the president may have broken the nation.

“I have been hearing from my constituents on both sides of this matter for months, and the escalation of calls this past week just shows me how divided our country really is right now,” he said.

“Without support from Senate Republicans, going down this path is a mistake. Today’s vote is both unnecessary, and widely misrepresented in the media and by Republicans as a vote on impeachment. I will not make a decision on impeachment until all the facts have been presented,” Van Drew continued.

Rep. Jarden Golden, another rookie Democrat, recently claimed impeachment investigation by Democrats will not tear “the country apart” as opposed to Van Drew.

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  • It has already ripped a hole in the fabric of this society!! The filthy hordes of Democrats in this country are doing everything possible to turn us into another 3rd world existence and I DESPISE everything they represent!! They are nothing more than lying, thieving, hypocritical POWER WHORES and have stopped at nothing, including murder in order to keep their secrets and their cushy, tax-payer stealing lifestyles in tact!!! I don’t know who, back in the latter 1700’s said it, but his statement was never more true than it is now……”We shall have no real hope to survive the enemies arranged against us until we hang the traitors lurking among us”. Edward R. Murrow also sent a warning decades ago…..”A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves”. The true patriots in this country had better pay attention to what these Democrats have done and what they are doing…..I for one wouldn’t give ANY of them air if they were trapped in a jug!!!!

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