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Liberals ENRAGED During Protest, ATTACKS Trump Supporter With THIS

Liberals ENRAGED During Protest, ATTACKS Trump Supporter With THIS

Liberals are vicious people…

Three suspects were arrested Saturday when a fight broke out between Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters just outside of the California Democratic Convention in Long Beach.

About a dozen supporters of Trump gathered outside the Long Beach Convention Center, shouting “Four more years!” The Long Beach Post reported.

According to one of the Trump supporters, two men approached them and started “harassing” them. One of the anti-Trump demonstrators at some point, according to The Post, struck one of the Trump supporters in the head with a scooter.

“It happened really fast,” Raul Rodriguez Jr., a supporter of Trump, said. He said the protestors against Trump began the fight.

Rodriguez said that after switching on his siren, the protestor took his bull horn and put it in his face. He said the protester was trying to hit him, causing another supporter of Trump to defend Rodriguez.

Police arrested all three men on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon that is not a firearm.

Two of the suspects have been taken to the hospital for minor cuts.

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Who began the physical struggle was not apparent, wrote The Post.

The Long Beach Police Department “is committed to ensuring everyone’s 1st Amendment rights, but we also want to remind you that any violence of any kind will not be tolerated in our community,” the department replied in a tweet.

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  • There should be a policeman every 100 feet all the way around this area. Letting two opposed groups demonstrate together is a recipe for disaster. An invitation for someone to get hurt. If the city or the cops would use some common sense in organizing these events, it would help,

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