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Ted Cruz Deals MAJOR Blow To Democrats

Ted Cruz Deals MAJOR Blow To Democrats

He has revealed the truth…

House Democrats are worried that the dark facts will start unraveling so they are “argu[ing] against the Senate calling Hunter Biden as a witness.” They are saying that Hunter Biden would not be a “relevant” witness, but Ted Cruz has something different to say. 

“They don’t want to get into the facts. And what they’re really terrified of is the very significant evidence of real corruption. You’ve got Hunter Biden making $83,000 a month from the biggest natural gas company in Ukraine. And what was he being paid for?” 

Cruz makes a very valid point. He also said, “But if they are going to bring witnesses in, we’re not going to do what the House did with a one-sided show trial. And I think it should be, at a bare minimum, one for one. So if the prosecution brings a witness, if they bring John Bolton, then President Trump can bring a witness, he can bring in Hunter Biden. And it should be fair and even.”

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Trump will have a fair trial, and if some Democratic corruption comes to light then even better. Read the rest of the story here.

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