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Nikki Haley SILENCES 2020 Democrats After New Hampshire Results

Nikki Haley SILENCES 2020 Democrats After New Hampshire Results

There’s was nothing they could say…

The former ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has expressed her contempt in how the New Hampshire primary election ended. She found it “unthinkable” that Bernie Sanders was able to garner the most amount of votes.

It is amazing that a liberal socialist won in Iowa and New Hampshire. The idea that we would give up the freedoms our veterans fought and died for is unthinkable. Other countries have to be scratching their heads wondering what we are thinking.”

Between the two states, Sanders has achieved a high amount of votes, but is below Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg in delegate count.

We also have no idea how any of them were able to votes. How are there people in America who can hear what these Democrats are saying and still vote for them?

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  • Sadly; those primary results were to be expected. Why? Because the public school system is failing to teach the truth about this nations founding; it’s government; and the conditions that existed in this country prior to both World Wars. Few adults even realize how unprepared to defend ourselves we were during those years, nor how close we came; during WWII to being attacked and probably over run by the Nazis! Nor how the Nazis were orchestrating with Japan to attack our West coast, while they attacked our East coast.
    This kind of history and Geo-politics must be restored to the curriculum if we are to regain the American youth!

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