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Tucker Carlson KICKS Mitt Romney To The Curb

Tucker Carlson KICKS Mitt Romney To The Curb

Romney needs to step down…

Recently, Fox News host Tucker Carlson gave his thoughts on Mitt Romney’s “temporary universal basic income proposal.”

Romney’s proposal was to give every adult $1,000 to make ends meet. Carlson hit back saying, “That’s likely a well-meaning idea, a lot of smart people are behind it, but it’s also decadent and foolish.”

“Name a place that’s become happier and more prosperous under a scheme like that. Indian reservations? The inner city? Rural areas where half the male population gets monthly disability checks? Or for that matter, if we are being honest, how many happily idle inherited money people do you know? Rich people? None. They’re all drunk. Of course they are. People need to work, they want to work.”

Carlson then gave a different solution saying that employers should be able to place employees on “reduced hours.”

“This idea has a clear goal and it achieves it. During the 2008 financial crisis, Germany’s economy shrank by a higher proportion than ours did in America. At the same time, Germany’s unemployment rate actually fell … more people were working than before. That’s the key as we look forward to turbulent times. Employment, stability, meaningful work.”

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