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Liberal News Host Goes RABID On LIVE Air

Liberal News Host Goes RABID On LIVE Air

This is not professional at all.

During an airing of “Morning Joe,” MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough attacked different news networks including his own for “failing to fact check the president.”

He stated, “So bringing us back, as the president lies so much in these press conferences, I still for the life of me don’t understand why the networks, including our own, allow Donald Trump to lie for two hours to the American people. If he were giving good information, that would be one thing. But that is a LIE!”

He continued saying, “So if this network or CNN or Fox is going to run him LYING for two hours a night, they need a real-time fact checker!”

“We don’t care what you have to say, we don’t care about your editorializing in April. Get his quotes. Get his words! Get his statements! Get the fact that he’s trying to stop Americans from voting in the election by mail!”

“These can’t continue unless they have a serious fact checker that cuts in while the president is lying to the American people! If he gives facts, great, I’m all for it. I said from the beginning of this we’re all in this together. I said from the beginning, I want the president to succeed because when he succeeds, we succeed and Americans don’t die! But he’s not succeeding! He’s not trying to succeed!”

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“In fact, he’s spreading misinformation, he’s trying to cover up all the mistakes he’s made over the past two months instead of looking forward, trying to save senior citizens lives in Florida, in Arizona, in Wisconsin, in Michigan, in Pennsylvania, in Ohio, in North Carolina, in all these states he actually gives a damn about.”

Watch a clip of the rant here.

Image Credit: National Review

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  • Joe is a liar. The president is telling the truth. If he were lying Joe would say the president is lying about this then he would tell us what the truth was but he’s not doing that. He’s just saying he’s lying without saying what he lying about. We need to file charges against people like joe and that woman from Mi who is a traitor to our country. I don’t understand why people don’t sue these people. There are plenty of people with money who could file suit. Let’s get it done.

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