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Democratic Governor Gets Exactly What She Deserves

Democratic Governor Gets Exactly What She Deserves

Next time she’ll think twice before talking…

Gretchen Whitmer, the Michigan Democratic Governor, has recently faced backlash for her comparison of protests to her overreaching measures to World War II.

Whitmer was considered a rising Democratic star even being considered as vice president to Joe Biden, however, her popularity has plummeted for her extreme measures during the coronavirus outbreak.

Her responses include:

Michigan now bans lawn and landscaping services, motor boating and golf. Large stores can’t sell paint, furniture or garden equipment. People aren’t allowed to travel between residences, which blocks them from visiting second homes and hunting cabins. Long-distance drives that don’t meet a “critical” need, according to the governor’s definition, are prohibited.

She also stated, “In World War II, there weren’t people lining up at the Capitol to protest the fact that they had to drop everything they were doing, and build planes, or tanks, or to ration food. They rolled up their sleeves, and they got to work.”

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Which has caused people to retaliate. A columnist wrote, “In World War II Michigan didn’t have a dizzy fascist as the governor.”

She might have destroyed her whole reputation after saying her ridiculous comparison. Read the full story here.

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  • Gov. ‘Witler’ has done what so many people have tried and did not accomplished; she has opened the eyes of many dems in Mich. Who are now seeing just what the “new” democratic party really looks like! And it’s scary!

  • he is right, during WWII the people in Michigan rolled up their sleeves and went to WORK, I know because I was there and we also went through dealing with disease’s like the Mumps, the measles, Polio and did not have to lock down because the Politicians cut out the political bull ship, made transparent bipartisan decisions, and said it like it was, straight forward and to the point. FACTS, no political obstruction, the Truth if you will. And the Media did not spin the news to its Political bias agenda. No Governors gave out dictatorial mandates, State Medical Services gave out logical guidelines to follow, and the People did what they had to do!

    Some time “Change” is not good for the people; I think it is past time for people to tell the Democrats and so call free Media to get with the Program or leave, because they are standing in the way with their Scare tactics and misguided socialist agenda.

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