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New Republican Bill Leaves Liberals STUNNED

New Republican Bill Leaves Liberals STUNNED

This is a win for people of faith!

A recent legislation introduced by Senator Ted Cruz has dealt a huge blow to state and local governments discriminating against religious people and institutions.

His proposed bill will prevent state and local governments from receiving federal coronavirus relief funds if they discriminate.

The bill states that local and state governments will be ineligible to receive funds if they:

(1) enforces, or announces the intent to enforce, any law, regulation, policy, order, proclamation, or decree related to COVID-19 that discriminates against religious individuals or religious institutions; or (2) provides, or shows an intention to provide, covered funds to a separate State or local jurisdiction that is ineligible to receive or use those funds because the State or local jurisdiction has committed a violation described in paragraph (1).

Cruz stated his reasoning by saying, “As Congress continues to provide relief funds to combat the impact of COVID-19, it is crucial that we protect the First Amendment right of religious liberty from discrimination. That’s why I’ve introduced the SACRED Act. By blocking funds from governments that discriminate against religious organizations, we can fairly protect religious liberty and the rights of those who seek to gather together safely for worship.”

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There have been many governments preventing the religious from attending their place of worship, but will do nothing about the violence happening in their cities. But with Cruz’s bill, thing will start to change if the governments want federal relief funding.

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  • About time someone put a Stop to these Democraps illegal and Unconstitutional actions. Now if they can lock them up for helping these LIARS and FRAUDS along with the COWARDLY THUGS RIOTING being put 6 feet under as they deserve then they would be doing what should be done.

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