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Bill Clinton Gets Caught LYING

Bill Clinton Gets Caught LYING

He’s going to have to watch what he says from now on.

Bill Clinton was recently recorded stating, “Our unemployment rate is more than twice as high as South Korea’s, two-and-a-half times the United Kingdom’s, more than three times Japan’s. Donald Trump says we’re leading the world — well, we are the only major industrial economy to have its unemployment rate tripled.”

His statement was found to be extremely misleading and aimed to garner more distrust and dislike for Trump.

Though U.S. unemployment rate has risen over the European and Asian allies, the reason is more complicated than blaming everything on Trump’s administration. “U.S. has favored a more flexible and generally more effective economic policy response than Europe, South Korea has an export-focused economy, and Japan’s shrinking population and societal conventions all but prohibit layoffs.”

The U.K. have a job protection scheme where workers are still considered employed by the business even if the employee is not or cannot work. Whereas the U.S. has allowed workers being laid off or furloughed, but are also allowing those workers to acquire a larger sum of unemployment benefits.

The differences are not clearly stated by Clinton, which was probably on purpose so that the general public will hear what he says and take everything at face value.

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