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Senator SPITS On Trump, Calls Him WHAT?

Senator SPITS On Trump, Calls Him WHAT?

This is not okay to say…

Claire McCaskill, a former Democratic senator, recently attacked President Trump calling him too brainless to be leading the country.

McCaskill appeared on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” and was talking about the newly released book by Bob Woodward. She said, “[Trump has] obviously never read a Woodward book. He doesn’t understand what Woodward books are and so, is, that’s strike one. Strike two, is he sits for 18 interviews okay, who in their right mind who’s running for office in a year within the year, sits for 18 interviews with a journalist? This is not a smart thing to do.”

She continued, “This is beyond folly. This is ultimate stupidity. He is so stupid, and he knows — he did the last interview like a month ago. He did the last interview a month ago, so when is the book coming out? The book is coming out within two months of his election with tapes. 18 hours of tapes! Hours and hours of tapes! So this president is the stupid stupidest president that’s ever held the office. For all of his followers forget about the integrity issue, forget about character, this guy’s too dumb to lead this country because this was really, really stupid.”

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If he really were stupid, Trump would not have been able to make it to where he is now. Watch a clip of her statement here.

Image Credit: The Kansas City Star

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  • Who is this bimbo, McCaskill to call the PRESIDENT ” too brainless”
    to run the country. Well he is President and she is a has-been. And
    second, she puts so much worth to the Woodward books. Duh, his
    only claim to fame was in the Watergate debacle. Compared to the
    Obama Democrats the Watergate participants look like choirboys.
    Woodward hasn’t written anything to take seriously since then. He
    will stretch or totally abuse the truth if you don’t watch him. I don’t
    trust him and I certainly don’t trust anything McCaskill says. They
    are typical Democrats and that in itself blackens their names.

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