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Joe Biden EMBARRASSES Himself On Air

Joe Biden EMBARRASSES Himself On Air

What was he thinking?

According to CNS News, 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden accidentally embarrassed himself after he asked Americans to compare himself to President Donald Trump.

Biden said, “But here’s the deal. Anything can happen. I have become a great respecter of fate, a great respecter of fate. I have seen too much of it in my family related to accidents alone.”

He added, “And so I guarantee you, I guarantee you, I will be totally transparent in terms of my health and all aspects of my health.”

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He continued, “And when it comes to Donald Trump vs. me, just look at us, OK? Just look at us. Who seems to be in shape? Who’s able to move around? Who is — I mean this idea of, you know, slow Joe.” You can read the full article here.

Image credit: National Review

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