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Lindsey Graham BETRAYS Trump?

Lindsey Graham BETRAYS Trump?

Here’s what he said.

According to CNS News, Sen. Lindsey Graham stated that if Trump committed a crime he should be prosecuted.

Graham said, “Well, here’s what I would say — that if you believe he committed a crime, he can be prosecuted like any other citizen. Impeachment is a political process. We’ve never impeached a president once they’re out of office.”

He added, “And the only question is, will they call witnesses? How long does the trial take? But the outcome is really not in doubt. That doesn’t mean what happened on January the 6th was OK. It means this impeachment, in the eyes of most Republicans, is an unconstitutional exercise.”

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He continued, “The president’s behavior, in my view, is not a crime. But he can be charged with one if people think he committed it because he’s now a private citizen.” You can read the full article here.

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