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Top Republican Leaves Nancy Pelosi SPEECHLESS

Top Republican Leaves Nancy Pelosi SPEECHLESS

This one has to hurt.

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Jim Jordan slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stating they should have called her to the stand.

“That’s exactly why they pulled back because our side would have called — we would have called the sergeant of arms,” he said. “We would have called Officer Sund, the head of the Capitol — the former head of the Capitol Hill Police. We would have called Speaker Pelosi, because, ultimately, she’s the person in charge of Capitol Hill. She’s the speaker of the House, and she’s in charge of everything around Capitol Hill.”

He added, “Look, Maria, there are some key facts that the Democrats didn’t want to talk about, like the fact that the pipe bombs were discovered before the president’s speech, like the fact that the FBI knew there was a plan to attack, like the fact that the president said peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard, and maybe most important, the fact they didn’t want was Officer Sund had asked for the National Guard to be present there beforehand. So, the reason they pulled back is, we were going to call those witnesses.” You can watch a clip of Jordan’s remarks here.

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