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Liberal Host LOSES It On Live Air, ATTACKS Limbaugh

Liberal Host LOSES It On Live Air, ATTACKS Limbaugh

She has crossed the line…

During MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” host Joy Reid decided to go on a rant and attack the late Rush Limbaugh.

She said, “Rush Limbaugh died today at the age of 70 from the complications of lung cancer. And I would argue that he is among the three people in recent American history who had the most influence in building the modern Republican Party. They influenced the way Republicanism and conservatism sound and the way it attacks its opponents, and what generations of self-described conservatives think.”

“The idea of injecting chaos and sexism, manipulation, racism, and dirty tricks directly into the artery of the Republican Party, bloodying people up, rather than faking compassionate conservatism and trying to get crossover votes, that ultimately would become the defining feature of Republican politics. Rush ultimately got his way. Rush Limbaugh reached millions of listeners via his golden microphone with his shows airing in small stations out in rural America that even Fox News couldn’t reach. Hardening rural white listeners and weaponizing white male grievance. It was the perfect inheritance for a president who would take Rush-style politics right to the White House and ultimately pin a Presidential Medal of Freedom on one of the GOP’s real architects.”

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These are the kinds of people liberals are. They have no qualms in attacking the deceased. Read the whole article and watch a clip here.

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