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Nancy Pelosi Moves To DESTROY Republican

Nancy Pelosi Moves To DESTROY Republican

She’s crossing the line.

According to The Daily Wire, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is moving to unseat Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks because Miller-Meeks won by “six votes.”

Pelosi said, “Well, it was six votes. It was six votes, and our candidate Rita Hart, the Democratic candidate asked for this process to begin. What the committee did, the House Administration Committee, was very narrow to take the process to the next step and see where it goes from there. An election of six votes out of 400,000 votes cast. This is not unique.”

She added, “This has happened, maybe even when you were in the Capitol before when races had been close one side or the others saying, let’s take it to the House. Because even Justice Scalia agreed that the House has the authority to seat members, and therefore we can count the votes. Six votes out of 400,000 cast. For them to call anybody hypocritical about elections when two-thirds of them in the House voted against accepting the presidency of Joe Biden is — well, it’s just who they are.” You can watch a clip of Pelosi’s remarks here.

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