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Top Republican ATTACKS Biden’s Plans

Top Republican ATTACKS Biden’s Plans

Biden’s not thinking at all.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham recently chastised Biden for his plans on removing “all troops from Afghanistan by September 11, 2021.”

Graham stated, “I am certain that our military advised against a unilateral withdrawal without conditions being met to protect the American homeland and our way of life from a future attack emanating from Afghanistan.”

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He also added, “The result of this decision today by President Biden is to cancel an insurance policy that in my view would prevent another 9/11 because I believe with all my heart and soul after 50-something trips to the region, that a few thousand Americans watching over there would make it hard for Al-Qaida and ISIS to reorganize to hit us over here. Those eyes and ears will be gone. I don’t trust the Taliban to look out for American interests, but we are finding ourselves in a very precarious situation.”

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