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Biden FURIOUS After Republican Says THIS

Biden FURIOUS After Republican Says THIS

Here’s what happened.

According to CNS News, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie slammed President Joe Biden stating that he is a “liar.”

“It seems like the rules change. I said this last week. When the Democrats thought that President Trump had said something they thought was false like you were pointing out in the last piece, they would not hesitate for a moment to call him a liar, but somehow now the mainstream media thinks that’s something that’s now out-of-bounds when it’s on Joe Biden,” Christie said.

“When you call something a COVID bill and only 10 percent of that bill, 10 percent of 1.9 trillion goes to actual health care costs, that’s lying. When you call something an infrastructure bill when under the most generous definition of infrastructure, less than 25 percent of it is going to be spent on what the American people understand to be infrastructure, but $400 billion of it is going to be spent to force unionization of home health care workers — they don’t care whether the home health care quality goes up, all they care is that the union dues go up,” he said.

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“That’s not telling the American people the truth, and I’m tired of sitting around watching this double standard. So when Joe Biden doesn’t tell the truth, I’m going to be out there calling him out on it, and what I said to Republicans this week was everyone of us should,” the former governor said. You can read the full article here.

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