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Republican SHOCKS Democrats With Latest Statement

Republican SHOCKS Democrats With Latest Statement

They are terrified of this.

According to OAN, Rep. Madison Cawthorn slammed Democrats stating that Republicans need to take back control.

“They want use smoke and mirrors and they don’t want to have anything transparent. I know some people were offended by some ‘mean tweets’ by President Trump, but at least we knew what the man was thinking. At least we knew what our government was doing for us,” Cawthorn stated. “Right now, even me as a member of Congress with all the rights and privileges that gives me, I can hardly get any answers, so I can only imagine the frustration the American people are suffering right now.”

“This is a reason why we’ve got to get Democrats out of power,” Cawthorn added. “That’s why I’m so thankful that all of these states, these state legislatures that the Republicans control, are going to be working for election integrity, because we’ve got to take the majority away from these bastards.” You can read the full article here.

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